Friday, May 1, 2009

today the skies opened up and the rains raced to the earth...

Today was an eerie journey of hours throughout the day. One moment the sky was open in sunshine and brilliant blue; a few minutes later the deep velvet violet clouds wove an ominous path across our hillside. The tornado sirens were sounding the alarm in the darkness of an afternoon. An hour later we were safe and sound but still drying our clothes in a dear friend's dryer...she had a basement in case we would need to take cover and shelter from the heavens above. I held my newest grand daughter in my arms as she slept without a care in the world. May we all take a moment to remember the moments where we were all cradled in the deep and loving arms of our families. The rains are filling our driest of souls and soils.
Tomorrow I am planning if weather permits to go out to a local plein aire painting event in one of our beautiful county parks. I and others are hopeful that the skies will allow the sun to shine and guide our humble brushes as we attempt to capture an impression of Mother Nature's own brushstrokes onto the roving hills.
Ken and I are trying to downsize the "stuff" we thought we could not live without and taking a bite out of the inevitable job someone may have to do "someday". I have everything I will ever need and my art materials are the most precious for me.

Thank you to those who left a brief comment on my poem and video dedicated to my disintegration process. I can't explain why this simple "do it and leave it" journey was so engaging for me...I just know there were others out there playing in the present moment. The gift of Time! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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