Sunday, May 3, 2009

love... a force to be reckoned with

The Best of Ohio 2009 opened this afternoon and I could feel the love as we all met up in the gallery. Old friends and new acquaintances celebrating the sacred marks each individual dared to share this year. Susan Shie and I were observing that this particular exhibit was more subdued than in years before; was it the juror's selections or is it the circumstances we are all dealing with in this fragile economic environment? The art metals and hand designed jewelry works were exceptional this year but there is some thing for everyone to rest their eyes on. I will need to go back before the exhibit begins the year of travels to study and contemplate the works more closely. Tom Muir is a dedicated artist and professor from Bowling Green University and received an honor for his work for Ohio Designer Craftsman over the last 18 years. Several of his students also received recognition for their diverse works and professional expertise. Suzanne Gregg had two intriguing fiber works with a thread design illustrative of a artist working in pen and ink. Kate Gorman was there with her mother and her now grown daughter and celebrating two stoneware sculptures called "Thoughts on Chivalry" .This is the 26th year for this prestigious show and I always feel honored for being in a collective of artists who strive to improve the craft and art of mark making. I also picked up a City Scene magazine and was delighted to see Curtis Goldstein's mural on the cover and Leslie Hill and Carol Vasenko had two of their quilts included in the selection made from the last ten years on the Columbus art scene. This beautifully published magazine demonstrates the evolution and emergence in strengths and skills of Ohio artists. From CCAD to the Short North galleries to giving guidelines for collecting your own art for your homes and offices. I realize that others know the healing properties of seeing art...every cell in the body can be affected by the stimulus produced by a beautiful painting. If you are in Columbus please allow yourself to stop and enjoy the beauty shared in this exquisite collaborative Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. i love the second picture, you are on it and it is always fun to see how people looks after reading their words snd yours are very spiritual.