Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The quiet of my Monday in my studio.... I am so blessed

 Today as you will see I worked in reorganizing the actual work table/wet table.  I can not remember when I actually saw the cleared space of the table top???  I washed and covered the clean surface with a plastic covering...recaptured from the Dawes residency and then covered the surface with clean brown craft paper.  I have two guests coming in on Wednesday so I want to have this space organized and ready to go.  I listened to jazz and the time seemed to fly by.  It was 6 PM before I realized it but the space is coming together and I am actually enjoying using the label maker!  Now I will know at a wink of the eye where my art materials and design elements .... yes with a glance and a wink I should be able to comfortably work on my further future projects.  I love my label maker.  Tomorrow I will begin to clear and store the pile on the large Ikea work table.  My plan is to have an attractable space to display my latest works and easily move it clear to quilt on my large Australian piece I am hand quilting now.  I hope you enjoy the photos ...it takes longer to do things correctly but now I have the seasonal items in order and it should assist me in my individual commissions.  It is back to making the rent money for 2012!

Today is Hannah Marie's birthday and tonight she had dinner at her favorite Red Lobster restaurant.  Tomorrow I have a Girl's NIGHT  OUT with dinner at Bob Evans and then we are headed to Weathervane for "Legally Blonde" musical .  I know they are going to love this...the pink...the costumes...the music....the dogs...and yes the story is pretty cute too!!!  

 BEFORE   .....

AFTER  ......

 Iridescent paints for fabrics and paper assemblages... 

Check out those beautiful labels...who knew tis could be so much fun!
 Work and office supplies ...close at hand.  Who knew cleaning could be this profitable...saved time means more work time.

Now to find a place for my every growing plant friends.
The Olympics are very exciting here...several gold winners are from the area and the swimming events are superb!  Have a great week in your studios.  Art Saves Lives!!!  Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, July 29, 2012

God Bless the Weekends!!!!

I am tired.  Yes... tired but totally overflowing with the joys of being with my grandchildren.  Cole 5 , Morgan 3, Rosie the dog, Conkle the dog, and Tabitha the cat...and me in a double bed.  Yes snug as a bug in the rug but a real heart memory.  We stayed with the little ones while Mom and Dad attended a wedding in Erie, PA.  We arrived just in time to bake some cookies, make some videos on their pink and blue Ipads, made macaroni and cheese with Morgan, drank almost two gallons of milk, had a glorious indoor picnic with grilled chicken and fresh vegetables, shot baskets in the newly finished family /exercise room.   The little ones have enormous energies and it is always hard to say goodbye...even our two dogs Rosie and Roxie are already in bed.  But there will be other adventures and I pray to keep up with their wit, inquisitiveness, energies, and total engagement if living in the present moment.

 Peanut butter cookies...they did not last long!  Morgan just loves to help in the kitchen!
 Brothers are waiting for cookie dough!

Milk does a body good!!!
 Milk does a body good for girls also!
 Lyndon seems to contemplate how he can get just one more cookie before his nap.  
 No I am not tired Grandpa...just one more book please.
 Morgan is the monkey in the middle with me and Roxie!
 Mom and Dad are home....Yahoo and catching up on all the entertaining videos that the two future filmmakers created in the family room!  Dad is in there behind the blue Ipad.
I received my new issue of Quilting Arts and there is so much to share...well you must run out to buy or at least peruse in the magazine section of your favorite bookstore.  The bright colors, beads, inspirations, and interviews with Terese May will get your engines roaring.  She has the joy of her inner child even after 50 years in the quilt world.  I also watched "Why Quilts Matter"...the Kentucky Quilt Project while recuperating in my bed...all 9 issues.  I came downstairs and ordered the double DVD for my home studio...great research right on hand when I am asked to speak or to share some the historical legacy of the world of today's world of quilting.  I guess I should have checked our library but ...well too late now!  I am going to work on my quilt tonight with a new and renewed appreciation  for my life as an artist who makes her mark with the needle and thread.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Friday, July 27, 2012

The stage is set for another evening with thunderstorms....

Yesterday I did work in my studio and actually began the actual sorting of Fall, Halloween, and yes even the Christmas holiday papers and embellishments.  In the afternoon Ken came down for lunch and asked me if I would love to go and see "Legally Blonde" on opening night at the Weathervane Theater.  YAHOO!  We have not had a real proper date for quite awhile and I knew this musical would be just great.  We went to Bob Evans for a quick bite and enjoyed the rest of the evening laughing and simply being amazed by this young and energetic ensemble.  I loved it sooooo much that I bought tickets for next Tuesday's performance and promised to take my daughter and her three daughters ...a girl's night out... and dinner... and making hopefully a heart memory for us all.  I know already they will loves the costumes; there is an enormous collection of PINK!  They also have a couple of dogs from the shelter there performing and hopefully looking for a permanent home!  The storms hit in the early afternoon but luckily it was not a repeat of 6/29/12 destructive storms and winds.  I was so jazzed that when I went home to bed I could not sleep.

Today the stage is once again set for storms and it is the Art walk for Final Fridays.  Unfortunately with the high heat and humidity the weather makes it almost unbearable for me to breathe.  I came home and settled into the cool of the air conditioner and now we are watching the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics.  I may not be an athlete but I am always in awe of these dedicated young Americans dedicated to representing our country in a global competition.  Why is it so impossible for the world countries to get along without WAR!?!

I am including photos of young people's art from this week's art camp with Lynn Logan Grimes 's guidance...they were studying Picasso, sculpture and free expression.  I am blown away by their talents and courage to create with colors and line designs.  I hope you enjoy their small but oh so valuable exhibition.

 The storms are brewing in this heat.

hey look at me too!  My brothers and sister are bigger but I am here!!!  A force to be reckoned with!
 Gayla Smith stopped by for a surprise hug!!! SHE IS THE MOST TALENTED YOUNG WOMAN!  We have a mutual admiration society for each other.  A strong, courageous woman who has music in her soul!

I have known this young man for about 10 years.  Derek is now ready to enter his freshman year in college.  Where does the time go?  The beard is a new design element.
Can you see their intensity?  These are some very serious artists.  I can tell they have grown a lot this week.  Thank you Miss Lynn!

Now I am getting back to work on my quilt.  Have a wonderful and safe weekend.  We are babysitting Cole, Morgan and little Lyndon so Chance and Erin can attend a wedding of their friends in Erie, PA.   I am packing several Art activities so we can enjoy the day together.  Art Saves lives!!!   Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart aka  Grandma

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The temperatures are rising and the storms are arriving....

It was hot today but it is July.  I went down to the studio to work and all the intentions to get some things put away....and well I got sidetracked by my art buddy Abby and her adorable sidekick Justin.  We ate a quick lunch and then headed over to Johnstownto visit Sunbear Studios and Gallery at 3 West Main street in Alexandria, Ohio.  This visit is long overdue and I was not disappointed.  The gallery selection was of very high quality including stained glass, jewelry, sculptures, ceramics, wood carvings, unique gift options to find a gift for that one person who have everything already.  Downstairs there is an interesting antique shop ...Alexandria Antiques and Susan offers rugs, furniture, jugs, glassware, jewelry, dollhouses, ...well you name it and she has a little bit of everything.  On the second floor upstairs Sunbear  Studio offers a great studio space with a list of classes to entice anyone to widen their lenses and try something new.  There is also a framing shop inside this location so if you happen to discover a special print or painting to purchase; you can also have them professionally framed for your home.  I will definitely return and you can go on Facebook /Sunbear Studio And Gallery.com to follow their upcoming activities and live music.

 Megan and Laura came down for lunch at the Grill Deli...I should have had the art supplies away before now but I am trying to label each basket or box!

 This looks like a great pickle to me!!!

 I think this metal sculpture would look great at Dawes Arboretum!

 I love the stained glass and check out her bulletin board...so many opportunities to explore.  The classes offered here look fabulous!

This is the large studio space for classes and offers lots of light.

 Private studio space for private work and very affordable!!!

 Music at the Bear!!!  This Friday evening ...call 740-926-2656 for further information.

 Traditional works and contemporary pieces to delight the eyes and hearts....
 Beautiful bright silk scarves ...great gifts for thos you love!!!
 I discovered a new Mexican restaurant in downtown Granville and the colors were so inviting.  My sidekick Justin seemed to love the colors also!  I must go back for a special dinner with Ken.
 Of course .... while we were in Granville we had to cool down with Whitt's Ice Parlor and checked out the Kassumul Gallery created by James Young...another wonderful painter.

 Does anyone need a Chicken purse???? 
My dear friend Olo came for a visit today with his master Scott. (Olo is the police dog trained for just about any crisis.)  He is not dealing well with the heat but he is still serving his police community.  Laura and Megan came in for lunch at the Grill Deli and just giggled at my messy art studio.  Well there is always tomorrow!  Have a wonderful and cool evening and now I am back to my quilting.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Justin was fascinated by the hand blown glass balls in the Young gallery.  Wonderful soaps and gifts for all ages.  I had a wonderful day and now I need to get back to work in my space.  Now I am motivated and filled with inspirations and aspirations.