Thursday, May 28, 2009

WooHoo the Strawberry Festival is here and David Cook is in the house...

This morning I delivered my quilts to the LCA for our first bus tour since the move to Third Street. This collaboration with the Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau and LCA is one I have prayed for from the beginning of time. Well at least for the last couple of years and Susan Fryer made it happen. We had 24 visitors from Pittsburgh and they were the most appreciative audience we could have prayed for. They were about 45 minutes late but they loved the gallery and I gave them a quickie tour and introduced them to our stars in the Licking county art world. They bought mostly little pins and bookmarks and a couple of Vera Norman's birds. I know we could have sold more if they had gotten here on time but what the heck I felt they were pleased with we have to offer.
Tony and I, and Jan Wilkins and Lynn Logan Grimes attended a new way of networking throughout the arts in Ohio's 88 counties with the beginning of the WEBINAR Series which can hopefully help us all gain and share new knowledge that we can all use immediately in our marketing and branding endeavors for 2009 and 2010. The Ohio Arts Presenter Network is working on this partnership and we all owe the Midland a debt of gratitude for paying for us all to have this opportunity. Four communities had signed on: Clark State University, the Midland in Newark, University of Cincinnati/Clermont College of Batavia and the Fine Arts Council in Warren, Ohio ( they have the Butler Museum... a jewel in the midwest) I have a lot to digest but I will write and condense the 90 minutes interaction but I feel we are just on the edge of a new frontier.
Tomorrow is the Strawberry Festival and Final Fridays for the galleries in downtown Newark. I will try to get around but will be back where we were at 50 South Second with Jessica Phellp's beautiful exhibit of her time in Haiti with the dedicated doctors and professionals who give of their time and valuable services for the Poor in the slums of Haiti. Bravo Miss Jessica! Marcia Downes will host The Works final week with Juan Carlos and we will host Reflective Judgement. Lynn Logan Grimes is traveling to Columbus with the YES students for open mike night and a visit to see the works at the Columbus Museum. Joe Sinnsabaugh will have his works at Liz Argle's beautiful gallery space. Soooo there is plenty to do in downtown Newark so come down and share the excitement and support the restaurants and Buckeye Winery. Be there or be square!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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