Sunday, May 24, 2009

a cleansing afternoon rain...

I had a quiet day doing whatever needed to done at my own slow speed. I planted a few more small irises in the garden and put some plant food out into my rocky almost soil. I went in to have a peanut butter sandwich and the sky became a velvet blue dark blanket and the rain washed the pollen and any other allergens out of the air. The lights flickered and went out for a brief time but it was one of those afternoon down pours that romantic novels were written for. After the calm filled the air I went down to the man cave where the computer is located and prepared for my monthly live chat/blog with Phyllis Dobbs who is a designer of stationary, textiles, home decorating accessories etc. She graciously answered our questions about designs and licensing in many different products. Marketing appears to be a very complicated progression of creation and then distribution of products so an artist can hopefully receive royalties on their vision. I have a lot of further research to do now and more questions than before. I also met to say..Sharyn Sowell and visited her website to see her amazing cut work designs. She also gave the participants details from New York city and the art scene there. Watermarking, textile designs, license procedures, copyrights...and negotiating the business of making a life in Art. My mind is spinning but with some rest I am sure I can review from my notes and begin my learning quest. "A life of learning" was my lesson for the moment and gave me an expansive directory of avenues to explore.
I am still in awe of the art works I saw yesterday in remembrance of our nations veterans. Art saves lives and honors the works of men and women who attempt to keep us all safe from harm. I am a pacifist by heart and yet if someone would hurt my family I guess I would not know how I would handle violence. I suppose it is sad to think that I see the armed forces as a violent powerful force needed ...but frightening in so many ways. I will put a few more photos up tonight when I am finished so you might be able to enjoy the "Lens a Hand" art group.
I watched the circle of love reruns for Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC channel with a solemn affirmation that this public "reality" life will survive the scrutiny of making a marriage work and flourish. I have been through a divorce and you have a hole in your heart during your lifetime. I suppose it is considered silly to be even discussing this "reality" but marriage is ever changing and hard work. I know Ken has worked hard to get me through my medical roadblocks but it is never easy seeing someone you love suffer. Tell those you Love you love them today! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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