Friday, May 22, 2009

empower...lead...excel...HOBY leadership 2009

I had a very inspirational day at Denison with the "Lunch with the Pros" and a group of 7 future artists. This was my second year to volunteer and I always walk away feeling optimistic about the future of Youth in America. This leadership retreat brought 190 sophomores in high school to inspire them to aspire to be more that they could have imagined. The core values are : volunteerism,integrity,excellence, diversity and community partnership. The vision is to empower individuals to make a positive difference within our global community, through understanding and action, based on compassionate leadership. Cole was an energetic young man who loves portraits in pencil and would like to explore this world to experience the diversity in the world. Kate is interested in creating art works for a positive change in humanitarian rights and explores mixed media processes. Morgan enjoys visiting different exhibits that challenge her comfort Andy Warhol's exhibit that was at the Wexner. Melissa lives in Holmes county with a variety of artistic influences different from the urban exhibits in central Ohio. Painting is a very challenging goal in her technical processes. Jessica enjoys colored pencils and photographic explorations. "The purpose of Art is not rarefied, intellectual distillate ---it is life ... intensified brilliant life." Alain Arias-Misson. I found myself answering questions that I had not returned to in my own life and we shared the focus and ideals they were hoping to achieve by the end of the weekend. The pros were surgeons and nurses, nutritionists, lawyers and publicists, ODNR park ranger from Malabar Farms, Scott scientists and research developers, radio and TV professionals and this year I am proud to say there were 4 artists/performers/teachers/ballet met directors. I came home energized but exhausted from the heat but what a great day to volunteer to support the importance of the Arts. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
P.S. Carol Slavka is the director who arrived, organized and worked for the HOBY retreat and her traveling companion was two week old Ethan...this is dedication! Baird Kruger...has worked for 20 years in making this event such a success! Bravo!!

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