Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday...Monday...I said I was not ready to fix the little abandoned snowwoman...

Today was absolutely beautiful...clear skies and gentle breezes to caress your skin when you walked outside. I went to work and knew as soon as I walked in I had to do revive this abused snowman for the courthouse square. I decided to totally play and to employ a good Dial soap cleaning/washing to prepare the surface and then a glaze of opal glaze where I am adding tissue snowflakes to reflect light. I am hoping to find a wonderful old hat to embellish and a possible sheer organza scarf with possible glitter accents. I forgot my camera this morning so I will have to share images tomorrow. I have a presentation at 9 am tomorrow morning for the volunteers breakfast and then a meeting with a reporter at 10:30 am followed by a meeting with a wood carver who has created Ohio State University Santa's for our die hard fans in the area. Rain is moving in tonight and for tomorrow so things are drying a wee bit slower .... snow is moving in later in the evening. Maya Rose has her school program in the evening so we have a full day. I am working on some very small unbreakable ornaments with jingle bells for the child in all of us. The photos for my prayer cloth for a young couple so I will begin framing in with antique fabrics and vintage laces....I stopped by to see Jody at her pharmacy but she was off and so I am moving forward and prayerful that this will be fine with her. My days are full and busy and I am enjoying the whole process... we celebrated a co worker's birthday today and we had TWO birthday cakes...sweets once again ...but I needed to celebrate with her family because her husband is due in the hospital for surgery tomorrow.

I guess I need to back to work... the night is slipping away and time is precious . "Honor all beings" each day with your work and remember to listen with your heart! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Christine brought in her friend this afternoon and shared her exhibition of delightful photographic images of animals...God's wonderful wild creatures.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quiet Sunday for renewal in mind and spirit....

Today was a gift I gave myself ...a day for extra sleep and a day for simple pleasures. Love stories for Christmas on TV... hand quilting ornaments that will not break when knocked off the trees by a playful cat or young child.... collections of Christmas ribbons and for hand made cards to send to those special friends and family who you may not be able to visit over the next couple of weeks.... before I realized it the evening was upon me. I am still reflecting on my lessons for the first four months in my studio... now I have a better more clear understanding of my personal direction in my works. I feel privileged to have had a few special new people share their visions for the very first time but most people who have come in to see me have asked for more of my smaller works. Creating the snowmen was enjoyable but not very productive in the finances... I need to prioritize my time without any guilt to make items to keep the doors open. Quiet reflections despite the season of rush rush rush from here to there to purchase things we may think we want or need. I am working on a couple of commissions for the next couple of weeks for a young soldier who is surviving and serving in Afghanistan. A wall hanging for a young couple who are committing to each other including a ready made with children is quite an endeavor...I speak from experience. And finally I am designing a crystal snowman pin for a patron's mother in jewel tones and textures and hand embellishments with silk ribbons. I think it is time to dig out the Judith Baker Montano's handy stitch library to refresh my memory. I am thankful for the trust given to me and I work forward in unknown territory to find a special place to create and make my own artist marks.

We had a wonderful memory filled evening last night with dear friends who happen to be artists ...a special time to slow down and enjoy each other's company. We were all served an incredible meal employing family tested recipes and Ken spoiled us all with a fresh lemon pie and his delectable sweet pecan pie...I feel I have opened the gates to the need for sweets and candies. I have to be very careful when this unique temptation arrives with the Holidays. After dinner Kathy played her mother's piano and we sang Christmas Carols. I love an evening like this ...a memory for my heart to remember as the days pass, a quiet evening encircled in a loving supportive communion of thoughts and laughter. I hope you all are reserving some of your energies and discover some time to reflect in a quiet space for your loved ones. May you live in Peace as the year comes to an end...time is so elusive as I grow older with my family and friends.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The rush of the pressures we create....

I have survived the first Friday after the Thanksgiving know the one where the radios and TVs advise us to give up our sleep and get out of our warm beds to rush out to be the first to buy something we think we might need. The studio had a gentle flow today...where hopefully I have learned a few new steps to take to be better prepared. One on one is so rewarding...watching a child model after one demonstration...a child who makes decisions to adjust their compositions and select just the perfect punch for a cut out ...and oh there is the ribbon. Watching a young he said he loved baseball...fumble for a bit to make his stamps and then add just the right amount of glitter glues. Yes the young men taught me to watch and be present but to allow them to make their marks for their buckeye candles and special handmade cards. Sophia is a young artist who I met when she was about three in my friend Leah's art class. Now at the golden age of 9 and 1/2 she is well read and articulate about her personal choices ...she enjoyed the quiet studio where wonderful Christmas music drizzled into the space and shared her readings and projects she has been exploring at the Academy. The delightful free spirit who was willing to risk working another step into her teachers gift. I feel very good about making a memory for both the teacher and the pupil as this exchange custom grows and develops. Parker and Lauren came in for hot chocolate with Rena and Owen...and with the wind chill of about 16 degrees the hot sweet drink warmed us all up as we awaited the arrival of Santa on his firetruck...well this time he had to employ another form of transportation ...the firetruck was called out for an emergency run about 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. Getting home was interesting and I wished I had been thoughtful enough to pack a hot chocolate to make the drive home... our community seemed to be in a generous mood and took turns allowing the next person join in on the exit routes to their individual warm homes.

Today I worked with some more young artists as their parents watched the OSU / Michigan football game.... the heat did not seem to be running up to par but the warm spirits filled the studio as we worked to make our gifts. After clean up I realized a few time I would limit the choices and selections for making the gift bags and cards...less hassle. I would keep a closer eye on the beloved glitter glues...boy these materials are a true elixir for young artists... if a little is good then a lot must be better. I would also set up better equipped stations for us all to make our selections. I worked with a three year old and up to the sixth grade...I need more finished items in the future and I now have a third commission to create in jewel tones for a special mother's Christmas gift. Now we are preparing to have a very special dinner with two other artist couples...a blessed Thanksgiving to share with others living their walk....their journey in making their art. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank You for coming along on my journey...

The last two days have been full and I am exhausted but they say a picture can tell the story ....enjoy and may God continue to bless you.