Saturday, May 2, 2009

choices have to be can't do it all

I never made it to the plein aire event today. I spent the afternoon with a dear friend and we visited St.Luke's charity silent auction for Haiti. I put in a small bid and would love to get one of them but it is difficult to be generous when you have more funds going out then coming in. The atmosphere was gay and free flowing outside with neighbors strolling in and out of shops in the sunshine. I was fortunate to meet the director of the free clinic here in Newark ( she has been very busy lately) and the doctor who makes quarterly trips to Haiti to care for the very poor. The art works were colorful and so joyful with mediums and techniques to express the culture of the families in Haiti. I was reminded of "I am because We are" documentary I saw earlier this week exposing the dire needs in Malawi, Africa. I am moved to help but feel powerless with cross cultural expressions that really work to assist the poorest of poor. I can reach out in kindness and help those close to home aid in their strength and skills to develop marketing tools to help increase their employment opportunities. Hey! that is me too!
I hope the newspapers will cover the plein aire artists tomorrow in Sunday's body was tired and I needed to stop early and reserve my physical strength. I watched the 135th Kentucky Derby and cheered for the small thoroughbred and remarkable jockey who made a historical move from the back of the 19 horses to win by several lengths in the end. I think this race winner "Mine that Bird" paid a 50 to 1 outcome so here is a cheer for the underdogs!!! Calvin was the jockey and a joy to behold!
I have been hearing from my other participants from all over the globe on my disintegration project. It has been exciting to see and hear from others from all over...complete with creepy crawlers and stingers living in the assemblages. I am trying to take my time to study each project so it will be days before I get through all 123 results.
Tonight I continued my stitch by stitch progress and selected the beginnings of the mother of pearl embellishments. On Thursday I received a button bonanza from two wonderful women who brought me an enormous box of buttons to use in my works. I need to wash and sun dry them in stages...some do own a distinct fragrance from being in storage but with a little TLC they will be sparkling clean in no time. WoooHooo! It sure does not take much to keep me happy! I am so blessed in so many ways. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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