Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday was quiet and peaceful...

Do you remember the movie "Alien" and living things explode from inside astronaut's body...that is exactly how my body felt for most of the day. Ken continued bringing down more stuff from the studio and I gathered materials for tomorrow's art talk at Miller Elementary school. I needed some hand dyed fabrics, small quilts that tell a story, embellishments that I use, small" hand about" samples to show how I use a machine for one part and then draw with my cotton threads and stitches. Then Ken and I hang Jessica Phellp's photos in the central gallery and come home to prepare a "pot luck"dessert for a drama gathering at Cherry Valley. Maya has her first play production and is excited to have us see what she has worked so hard on the last few weeks. I am almost ready to put the final touches on the supplies, get a shower and then quilt until I tire around 11:00.
Seth's Altered collaboration has been a huge success and now I am finishing a collage project made from Junk Mail for another internet group. These are small and unimportant little play dates but it does help set a mood for creation. I am not too sure what will develop but it is relaxing to sit and play in the spare moments in between Housework jobs. Seth has demonstrated the power of words, information, and challenges on personal blogs. He hit 100,000 viewers/artist this past week and has given away three incredible gift packages to anyone who left a comment on this process. Congratulations to all the winners but to be honest this is an awesome experience with gentle spirits from around the globe. Wish me luck tomorrow...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

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