Saturday, May 30, 2009

Art saves Lives...pass it around....

This morning we delivered a huge industrial roll of cotton muslin to Weathervane Playhouse for their stage and costume department. I met a young costume designer who was originally from Kent England and study contemporary theater at the University of Kentucky. She was delightful and I made plans to go get her for lunch in a week or two. Ken was relieved to get "something" out of the house once again but I was just as happy to see these materials go to a great use and save some money for our wonderful grassroots Summer playhouse.
I then came home to collect my quilt that is in progress and a basket of embellishments to be one of the demonstrating artists from the LCA in the downtown Newark public library.Tony Reynolds demonstrated wood turning, Susan Kamps and Carol Vasenko demonstrated Artist Trading Cards, Russell Merrit had several manga and Japanese painting calligraphy and painting techniques and I worked with my buddies on the quilt surface and stitching. For two hours we all worked along side of each other and Babette made us feel welcomed and encouraged us to return. possibly in the Winter months. We only had two young visitors but they were appreciative and to be honest we were competing with a beautiful sunny day's weather and the annual Strawberry Festival in downtown Newark. We were happy to be there and we will return and check our calendars for major conflicts. To be honest I had a hard time stopping here at home and going downtown with such a glorious day outside.
Tonight we celebrated two incredible young people who are preparing for their life together...Mike Morris and Anna Walker. He is a wonderful empathetic writer and she is a wonderful artist who will be moving to Houston in August to work with our friend Gwen Ruckenbrod. We live in a very small world don't we? These young people come from wonderful families that will be blessed with years of happiness as a new family begins. Congratulations!
Tonight we had a major scare when Maya Rose hit a tooth Tina thought was permanent and the tooth was hanging by a thread. After a rush drive to Columbus the specialist ended up pulling the damaged tooth and assured Tina that it was her last baby tooth. I won't go into the nightmares I was imagining about a toothless little Maya. Yes, Maya you DO have a guardian angel. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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