Friday, May 29, 2009

Today began with a gloomy gray sky and then the sun came out...

Fridays are a little hectic for most of us and this one was no different for me. I thought I was going back to Miller Elementary to meet Aliki the children's author who has been the guest artist for their last week in this school' location. I began doing little jobs I had neglected earlier in my week and before I knew it I realized that I better get my work done here in the home. My godchild Amber Rose is driving from Charlotte, NC so I can help her with her wedding invitations and hopefully relax before the marriage business begins. She is now a student in Law school and I understand this can be a brutal experience so Ken and I will do our best to make her feel like she is on vacation. I washed dusty curtains and windows, swept my old rugs, sorted art materials on the table, washed some of my cobalt blue art glass and enjoyed LOUD music while Ken was on the golf course. When I would tire I went out to the deck to have iced coffee and was thrilled to see my seedlings springing up from the ground! WooHoo!
We went downtown to see the exhibits for the Newark ArtWalk for Final Fridays and ended up with a private party on the back patio by Skip's deli!!! Jessica Phellps had an incredible opening and the audience was filled with old friends! The Rotary both from Newark and Granville were there in force and thank God for mothers because the food looked like it had been prepared by professional caterers. Witnessing this young talented woman filled my heart with a sense of pride for a remarkable adventure sharing another world of the very poor in Haiti. We were made aware and our hearts could search for a way to help the unfortunate. I know we all have different hardships in our individual lives but the resilience of the Haitian people is remarkable. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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