Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Sistahs" at the King Arts Complex...are doing it by themselves

After four days of resting my back on and off a heating pad I made my way to Columbus to see the opening of "Sistahs" of the the spirit of our Ancestors in the King Arts Complex. I felt as if I was witnessing the authentic soul of the season and the urban community of women making their marks. This exhibit was curated by Bettye Stull and is united to educate , inspire and provide a creative connection with artists and encouraging a diverse range of advancing the arts from a collective generous group of women. Queen Brooks, Lynn Logan Grimes, Debbie Jackson and Janet George were just a few of the artists that I have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from their marks in the art world. The audience of viewers was gracious and full of three generations of women...grandmothers, mothers, daughters and even little babies seemed to be captured by the rooms filled with colors and nacestral rythmns. This exhibit lasts until August so if you are downtown be sure to stop and take in the songs and voices of these incredible women.
I watched Michael J. Fox's special tonight on optimism and how we can nurture happiness with our own spiritual strengths. My mother struggled with Parkinsons as does Michael J. Fox and they both were fighters until my mother's passing last Fall. Remember to look for the next right ...even for now... right may not always feel up but attitude is absolutely everything. Bhutan is a country where instead of a GNP gross net product; they all create a country where they care for each other and nurture a GNH gross net Happiness. Bill Murray played golf with this Parkinson's was a comedy in living the moment and still finding a positive spin on this atheletic endeavor. I live with my gift ( a chronic progressive disease) and even though the detours have been unforeseen, I know I have everything I need even if at times I fail to recognize this fact. I am looking forward to reading his book when it comes out. I felt a real connection when the discussion of optimism and the lives of artists who perservere modeled the importance of community and family support. I need to get back to my stitch at a time... but this is my work.

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