Monday, May 11, 2009

Sundance documentary days on Monday...

On Mondays my medicines take over and do their own little jig inside of my body...soooo I rest until the rumble and tumble settles down and watch Sundance channel specials on their programing of documentary films. I go to Architectural School at Tulane where this semester the students are rebuilding in New Orleans. The struggle with keeping History and improving the communities with affordable and hurricane proof buildings causes distress between the "then" and the " Now". The selected students work closely with a fatherly figure who guides them through delays, weather frustrations and neighborhood squabbles between the young men vs. young women. This aspect alone offered a spicy repertoire in the different opinions when solutions were needed in a timely manner.
Marc Jacob allowed a film crew to follow both his progression of styles in preparation for the New York Fashion week and the Paris Louis Vutton Gallery week. Normally Jacobs has kept his process, studios, staff and private collaborations with others from his global play ground in a private circle of few. Now he shares the stress and sleepless nights with the film crew and very little was left to question. Surprisingly he admitted to be intimidated by Artists and began first collecting portraits but has since moved into an accomplished collection of contemporary abstract works. Jacobs does not own a home or a car at least for now but prefers to have a deluxe gypsy life with nomadic tendencies that inspire his designs. The frenetic atmosphere of these annual shows with ongoing seasonal changes and almost all of his designs and shoes are created in just about every color; even if we do not get to see them all. One artist, a painter Elizabeth Peyton was featured as now a new friend and confident as Jacobs travels through the contemporary art scene.
If you are free and home on Mondays I am genuinely pleased with the diversity of ideas and contents Sundance film channel offers the viewers instead of mundane junk on regular TV. There is always the Discovery, HGTV, History and a multiple of vintage movies selections.
Late in the afternoon I began to feel slightly better but then the computer froze up on me...something to do with the telephone line and Windstream systems. Now I am back to working on my piece and ready to needle the night away. Have a great evening! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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