Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time to say goodbye...and a time to say hello to a Happy 2012....

Time one of the fleeting gifts that we can choose to share or hold quietly in our hearts. Last night we had a wonderful dinner in the home of two dear artists who are beginning a new chapter of their lives together. Candle light and family heirlooms displayed. a huge beautiful Christmas tree in the living/family room and a smaller one near the family piano. I realized how grace is filled in my heart whenever I share an intimate evening with kind people like this. The music was playing in the background and the selections were like silver threads of memories remembered of past decades. Delicious foods prepared with such care and served on family china and a homemade pecan pie made by Ken earlier in the afternoon. No the weather did not reflect what we expect for Christmas or New Year's but the friendship and shared dreams and conversations from the heart ...priceless heart memories and one of the best meals I have ever experienced. Gratitude to you both for celebrating our lives and dreams for now and in the near future of 2012. True Blessings from the heart.

Today Ken and I both enjoyed quiet time with our three smallest grand children Cole, Morgan and Lyndon. It was a dreary day outdoors so we could not really take our Nature walks down to the pond and the little ones all had a slight cough and rattle in their chests. So we cuddled on the couch and had fruit snacks and watched a great family movie "Dolphin's Tale". This true story can be visited at for the latest updates on her continued recovery and good health. Even the youngest of children could see the dilemma that both the humans and the dolphin were in and the actualization that Believing in yourself and never giving up is a powerful motivator. Then Morgan and I made macaroni and cheese from the box (see pics) but we added extra cheeses and real butter for a delicious comfort dinner. Then we made our individual ice cream sundaes for dessert complete with whipped cream. We had an imagination station game...something we sort of made up on the way and did their individual "school exercises" and jigsaws and letter recognition activities. Then we made popcorn and started our second movie for cuddle time... African Cats. An honest and beautiful portrait of life of Africa's wild cats and the circle of life . Their mom and dad arrived home and it was time to say good night for the year.

On Friday I worked with my young world traveler Sophia as we continued our progression of hand stitching/quilting on her Italian quilted wall hanging. There were many visitors interested in seeing what exactly we were working on. All the while there were family members decorating the central gallery for a family member's 50TH anniversary. I so enjoy working quietly with Sophia..she is a gentle, loving child who explained to me she enjoyed the handwork as she felt it to be relaxing for her. She has had a very busy and physical week of celebrations and family and friends with sleep overs and new fantasy books to read late into the night. Sophia had spent a week with me this summer hand painting and sun printing and stamping her very own designs on her fabrics and now she is anxious to complete and hang her work in her bedroom. Thank you Sophia for visiting me and teaching me a thing or two about creating art.

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year in the soon to be 2012. I am eager to hit the bed and just relax tonight and tomorrow. I have dreams and great possibilities for the new year of creating in my studio and off site in a public art collaboration. I have to finish my proposal and outline for a board of eager committee members and finish my non toxic art materials list and installation procedures I am presently investigating. I know I am going to learn and grow with this new and exciting project. Imagine and Live in Peace for now and 2012!!! Blessings to you all! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Gratitude for living another year with my white wolf....Lupus.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday and Christmas is beginning to disappear in my studio....

Ken brought down two cheery red plastic containers to sort and store my Christmas supplies and papers and art stuff. He is trying to ease my pain of rearranging my studio space for storage. I will clear a larger space on my work table tomorrow but I have a student visiting me at 1:00 ...I am not too sure what we are working on ? Her quilt? a painting? or a possible collage? So I hope to get in early to pack the two boxes to clear the floor space. I am already missing Christmas...many are rushing to take down their lights, or the trees, the mantle decorations ; but I am not sure I am ready to end this season so soon. I do understand the time factor and how limited the time actually is for regaining a normal schedule once again. I was kind of looking forward to sitting by the light of our tree on New Year's Eve but the living room has returned to preseason normal arrangements. I have had a holiday candle burning ...Wassail Cheer so the fragrance is filling the room with a gentle reminder that the season is changing and the new year will be arriving very soon. The skies are clear and the temperatures are dropping but still we have not had the white fluff...a soft snowfall that the children are all waiting for. I am working on Marco's first home ornament for 2011. He and Peggy and his son Carlos are now settled in their first home this economy this is quite a remarkable accomplishment. I am hoping you are having a wonderful week and are ready for the last weekend of 2011. If we try real hard we can all discover or recall the blessings we have been given and look forward to gifts of our tomorrows! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

Am I headed in the right direction?
Which ideas, dreams, hold the most meaning for me?
Did I act on my dreams?
These are three questions that Lesley Riley shared in her blog yesterday. I feel they are pretty good food for thoughts and affirmations.