Thursday, April 30, 2009

Farewell to April and a gentle artist headed for another exhibit...

I worked in the gallery today and spent some time with a dear little friend who is four years old and we painted with sparkle watercolors. I call Lulu Ms. Kandinsky for her wonderful splash of clear colors and total abandonment when she is painting. We took time sharing special brushes and my well loved tiara while we were "queen for the day". Michelle worked with diligence on a new organic sculpture and smoothed the edges with a water brush to slowly transform this sculpture into a living hand created vessel for life. Tony worked all day entering checks to cover the publication of Michelle's baby our very first LCA directory in living color. Marilyn had her four students engaged in new lessons and techniques employed when making their watercolor worksheets. All of this is Artist breathing osmosis and synchronicity in a ballet of energies.
Tomorrow May is blowing into our lives and as I speak plans are being made to go on a short vacation to be near the ocean. The others are down in Cincinnati and spent the day at the aquarium and walking "under" shark with sharp, sharp teeth! My mother's family has a reunion planned at her favorite city park on her birthday. Then on August 1 my godchild Amber and Michael are planning their wedding in Charleston, SC. Whew...I am praying for the strength and energy to keep up with the young folks and ...still do my work. One day at a time... and one bite of an elephant...dyeing new lush greens and Pacific blues for the next two major quilts for my women's work process. Momma help me and guide my hands please.
Did you see the disintegration video Ken put together for me? I could not do these technical things without him because I am too impatient with this computer. I have to get back to my quilting ....yeah I found my Magic Thread today so using the fragile copper threads is so much easier. I found the one and only little blue package at Hobby Lobby; as I squealed with delight all the bead artists in the aisle came to see what I was so excited about. I do think their buyers should order more than just one product at a time. Have a restful night of sleep. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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