Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friends...are the people who know the words to the song and sing them back when you have forgotten the words.

The last day of May 2009 and when I look back I can see how many connections and friends I have connected with throughout my week. Today after being the the public schools last week I have realized I finally caught a summer cold complete with deep painful coughs and sinus throbbing. I stayed home today and took my vitamin C and aspirin along with my other prescribed medications. I am hopeful that in 24 hours I will be able to bounce back and welcome my dear Amber Rose in a week of wedding invitations and final preparations for August 1. She is bringing her companion Rusty who is fragile and up in dog years. Let us all pray for a sweet miracle!!!
On Tuesday I have my fused glass class with my ladies at the Works with Abby Rice from 6 to 8 pm. I have selected a wide range of ages to get together and play together in the glass studio. I absolutely am enthralled with this beautiful process and a definite leap of faith. Abby is very patient with us and once the group gets their groove on laughter is on schedule for the rest of the evening. Throw in some cold wines, sweet treats and the day is complete with fudge!!! No calories...ask Ken.
I need to view "Taken" from netflicks so we can get our next movie. I kept falling asleep before and it seems a wee bit contrived but I still want to see it. Ken is framing my poster Russell Merritt gave me from the "Silk Road" exhibition up in Canton, Ohio. The colors are sublime and I want to study the vibrancy of the silks before I actually begin dyeing my cottons in whole yard lengths. I am praying you all had a relaxing weekend and sorry to say I never made it back downtown for the Strawberry Festival. Continue sending me "white light" to heal this wicked cold! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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