Wednesday, September 30, 2009

colors of joy...exhibit in Granville at the Bryn Du Mansion

Tonight was an exciting celebration of artists with a vision and an excellent diverse source of mediums and styles. The LCA was represented with several members who shared their best works in color, lines and textures. Kathy Anderson had four of her landscapes, Tony Reynolds had a vessel and his wonderful table, Carolyn Brubaker had her "Heading Home " watercolor, Judy Doyle had two of her watercolors "resting" and "Falling leaves" , James Hatfield shared his penguin study, and Kay Kenyon had four more of her watercolors with Rosanna Moore's four wood works of Art. Art and Irma Perry were well represented with their paintings and Barb Sterling was very pleased to have two of her works selected. One of our former artist and a favorite of mine is Young Tae Lee with four of his wondrous oil and mixed media paintings and he looks great, confident and his skills are growing despite economic struggle to make a living as an artist. His smile was full and authentic as he described his life with a very busy two year old boy and lovely wife. Jennifer Kinsley had an example of one of her delightful hand made books and her students helped to install this exhibit as part of their learning lesson. I was fortunate enough to meet three young artists from the C-tec art classes as juniors and seniors in her program. Lynn Logan Grimes was an excellent juror with a wide lens to select and evaluate the richness in the Arts we are nourishing here in Licking County. Be sure to check this exhibit out before 10/09/09... we want to go back before it closes so we can really see the works without the crowd of admirers and patrons. I took some photos but I know I want to save the memory by going back to capture the show. There was a new sculptor in town and her works are in bronze... I think but her name is Renate Margit - Fackler who now lives in Hebron, Ohio and her works seem to dance before you.

I need to get the work done and tomorrow is a dental day...necessary but I could do so much more. I got my needed license plates on the very last day and decided to give up my Lady Art vanity plate due to increases in costs and now I can make a purse or a chair embellishment or sculptor for myself. Watch for an upcoming article by our friend Brian Miller for the Granville Sentinel... he was rushing to cover as many impressions as possible tonight but as I said the crowd was a real joy for the artists . A good time was had by all so I do hope you will get to see this exhibit. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."Lao Tzu

I never left the house today and yet I felt a sense of renewal with connections with my past once again. I busied myself after cuddling under the quilts this morning for a few extra hours of zzzzzz. The warmth of the bed wrapped me up and the world went on without me and it does seem that all is well in the world. I caught up on mundane laundry chores and sorted junk mail and wrote bills and a few magazine subscriptions. I will have plenty of color papers to collage with and find future inspirations from the travel magazines and dream of possible trips. I made warm comfort soup this afternoon with turkey and every vegetable I had in the crisper and cabinet. Ken stopped on the way home and bought a great crusty bread. Life does not get better on a cool Fall evening ...the simplicity and delicious flavors warm us as we prepare for the end of the day. I am working with my threads to draw from inside my heart's eye the details of my aboriginal snake. I mailed an entry in the future FAVA exhibit next year but it is hard to even think what will be juried in by images first , and then we send our work in for personal evaluation. I have not entered quilt exhibits for awhile...I have had a focus on entering Fine Art exhibits that have a variety of mediums included in the final selection. Caroline Mazalooni is the juror and I have experience with making a final decision for a jury process and someone always feels defeated or hurt when the news is not what they had hoped for. Been there and felt that! Now I am saving most of my new works for next Spring's exhibit...I want to give my all and best hopefully to the Art Works Gallery and show them gratitude for their opportunity they are giving me. We will see what happens.

Tomorrow we are attending the opening in Granville of local artists at Bryn Du Mansion and several of my friends are in this exhibit. They are working with the students from the Granville Visual Studio Arts students and the C-Tec high school school student s who are hanging this exhibit and making the tags etc. This is recognition that these young students are learning and applying their knowledge in putting together a cohesive and unified show. I am excited to see the best of our community and I am sure I will find a new talent or medium application in this collection of works. I will attempt to photograph some of the entries to share with you.

I do have some of my treasures ready to share before I attempt to layer photos and embellishments with my newest old vintage finds. I have had a few questions about the beginning collection of wooden shoes from Holland...they were part of my grandmothers story. When I was small I would arrange and sort her wooden shoes and I think they were gifts from relatives who had served over seas in the military services. With her fiesta dishes delighting my color appreciation and several small collections I recognized the stories they held even as a child. I am not too sure how I will put this all together but the installation will be part of my story. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday, September 28, 2009

make your week abundant....

The winds were up and roaring this morning and the man came with the finalized estimate for our new roof...YEAH! Decent young man and I know they did a great job for our neighbors so we are a go. Believe it or not Ken got out to play golf with his teacher buddies and came back chilly but in a great mood. He says the exercise is good for him. I had a Cultural Alliance of Licking County meeting so review the Art Walk in August...I was absent and in South Carolina so all the info was new for me. I do realize corporate sponsors are the way to go and make a proper marketing strategy but the economy is in a stumbling state and finances are looking bleak. This is strictly a volunteer operation and many hours of volunteers hitting the streets literally to make this special day work. I am willing to help Kathy Anderson with the artists requests and line-ups for next summer and the location is moving to a more visible location...tents on the square...possibly. There were a few persons willing and more experienced to investigate possibilities for improving the prospects for 2010.

I received my small payment for my participation in August's Artwalk and then spent it in the business that has hosted me for two years. "Just in Time Antique and Collectibles" owned and managed by Nancy and Tom La Banc and bought a few unique fibers and design elements to collaborate with my "whispers" exhibit. I employ the rusty fabrics that I am hoping to commit photo transfers to and my journal entries on top of....well that is the plan and I am sticking to it.

Tomorrow I will get some new photos of my treasures but my wish is to busy my hands with roving chain stitches in an ombre cotton flosses with incredible luscious colors. May you week be filled with abundance and share loving grace with those you love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, September 27, 2009

22 years later a voice from my past....reflections

Sunday afternoon... my inner solitude
a voice called out after 22 years...
an old friend who has had her loves and disappointments in her last 22 years.
We once lived together for a brief time in my small first home in Canton
and now with the help of the internet she has found me...on Facebook and I don't even participate
my "herstory" in my narrative works in quilted works
I firmly believe that art saves lives because it has saved mine quite a few times.
my simple but sacred marks convey what I often cannot put into words and then only when shared with the global community.
in our short chat we caught up a wee bit and will hopefully ease back into each others lives
reconnect and resurrect that youthful spirit we shared during our not so innocent youth
welcome home
be gentle with our hearts and live in the present moment.
Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

This afternoon you can go online for a live chat with Quilting Arts and Pokey Bolton at at 5 o'clock for those of you who may want to join in. No strings attached...just generous fun information with others who love making Art.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Final Fridays...scarecrows...Kathy Anderson's opening and Goodnight Gracie

Friday was an incredibly busy and began with lunch with my daughter. We had a brief...too brief for both of us and shared the week's events and the gran children's escapades. I watched her cross the parking lot and saw what a lovely young woman she has grown to be. Like she will tell you we may not always agree on things but we do love one another. Thank you for my delicious lunch and time to be with you once again.

I began my volunteering at the Midland Theater with the opening of a one man show "goodnight Gracie". The life, laughter and love of these two incredible human beings: George Burns and Gracie Allen filled the room with laughter one moment and tears in the next. Their love story between an Irish Catholic young woman and a very industrious Jewish man made quite an impression on me and it was such a joy to be able to contribute to to the cherished treasure we are privileged to have in our own backyard. I loved the generations of loving couples in the audience as they held hands and chuckled through the performance. There was radiance in the room with the green velvet seats and the intimacy shared in this theater is one of those moments that has become a memory for my mind and heart. I look forward to my next opportunity to volunteer for this priceless establishment for joy, education and the theatrical arts here in our hometown Newark!

It was Final Fridays in downtown Newark also and the square was decorated with 20 individual scarecrows and even the horse drawn carriage ride was bestowed with the straw energies. The businesses were open late and all the galleries enjoyed the strolling crowds as people drifted in and out of establishments. Since April the community of the downtown association have worked incredibly hard to encourage everyone to discover the wonderful establishments to shop and be inspired on the courthouse square. Each month has a theme that encourages families to come on down and explore their own hometown. I am planning on working on a snowman to begin years (hopefully) of Snowman displays to help us all get into a real Holiday Spirit and purchase gifts for our loved ones from the businesses on the square. With the courthouse lighting celebration it seems that everything is progressing nicely!!! Bravo to our hard working NDA and the Licking County Cultural Alliance!

A very talented and hard working young woman Kathy Anderson had an opening night at the Argyle Gallery with some new impressive landscapes. The colors and brushstrokes have progressed and display a new mastery of her convictions. The local is familiar but her intensity and passion is shown in each intimate view of our life here in Licking county. You have truly inspired me to pick up my brushes again and place my heart's views out loud. Thank you for your dedication and support throughout the years.

I visited a dear friend Joyce Dupler this afternoon in the rehab unit. Yesterday I just learned she had suffered a stroke in her home and we spent the afternoon discussing the dedication she would need to keep and maintain her strength so she could return to her passion for the Arts, she has taught many of the watercolorists here in Licking County and her paintings are treasured and collected by many in the area. I met her daughter Dawn and her beloved Riley... her granddaughter as they came in later in the day and saw the smile come back to Joyce's eyes. Be strong and Brave so you can return to your dear friends who love you. (Plus we need to go down to see the LCA and Kathy's newest works at Argyles Gallery.)

I piddled around the house today and Ken enjoyed his Buckeyes 30-0 over Illinois...sorry Mr. Don; I think you both had a good time "talking the talk" during and after this game. I went to JoAnn's and got a new embroidery resource book that I am hoping to dive into tonight in order to expand my skills and tools on my fiber diaries and journals for next May exhibit. Have a restful weekend and tomorrow I am having a live chat with Pokey Bolton from Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors so I want to review her latest magazines so I can ask and learn from her generous spirit and years of experience. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Thursday, September 24, 2009

gentle warm rain renews my body and soul....

My day has been quiet...gentle warm rain renews my body and soul
but an alternative would not be beneficial in maintaining my center of focus to find healing...
The world goes on as I seek refuge in my bedroom
the whispers on the wind give flight and flutter colorful leaves floating on silent currents
these autumnal wings of silent angels caress me as I reach out for renewed strength.
I am aware of my heartbeat and rhythms of my breathing ... with gratitude towards my constant companions; my small canine Rosie and my loyal old, old cat Desdemona.
I find comfort with them keeping vigil over and with me.
The soft cotton quilt cuddles and envelops our bodies as we embrace the peace in my moment.
I drift in and out of sleep...did I ignore my body's signs?...did I over do?...maybe but I want to do so much more. My dreams seem to flit through about three decades I listening to the message? only time will tell.
I am up now and feel rested so I will make this moment work for me... gratitude for my moment.
I am here. Still Here. Still Here.
Imagine Peace and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The correct address is me/ Honestly I can not articulate this global movement and intricate play time and word play for all who need to "focus"...well maybe not quite a focus exercise but an addictive interaction if you are not careful.. I am not sure why the chaos and randomness...or is it random? of this site pulls so many in. Check it out if you have a free moment. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

the langauge of my heart...

I have been beating myself up because I have been battling with overwhelming fatigue and tonight I discovered I was not giving myself enough of the needed medication in my Sunday night injections. After a brief consultation with my pharmacist I now think I will be able to "do the right thing" but I do wish it was like the good old days when a nurse or practitioner would provide the medications and injections but with all the medical cost cuts I realize this is a financial impossibility. I am learning more with each new day but it is so frustrating attempting to stay on top of this situation. Give me peace.

Sometimes when one is tired and weary the silent language of love from a stranger is like a guardian angel lifting up the burden of that particular day. It may be a quiet smile as you pass one another in the grocery store aisle... or a moment when someone puts another ahead in the check out line.... or holding a door when you race out into a rainy night to get to your car... the are earth angels here watching over us as we go through our daily routines. Simple gifts. I want to remember to be that earth angel for others when I take the time to see another struggling and needing an extra helping hand. Time is all we have to give and when the world appears to be askew ; stop for a moment and become the change we want to see in our community/family/world.

I have a wonderful adventure for you to take if you are up to some twisted entertainment. Check out The Altered Page and play with the video interactive game called "Nobody is home"..I will warn you that once you start you may never get off the computer. The man at the typewriter and his sub-conscious ramblings will lead you in and out of a fantasy story line. Seth found this small wonder and definitely will be in a category of "what do you think they will think of next?". Enjoy and play on a gloomy and rainy day... smile because no one is watching. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

steady... steady.... steady...steady girl

Sort and select my doodads...iron my fragments...envision the makers hands and heart...launder and press...guidance from the invisible...the muse flies above me and wisps of fragrance and aromas fill my senses as I daydream my next move. Decisions flow like water to the seas...movement spirals out into the universe...the stitches are my anchor to my own reality. Can you see my dilemma? Do you reach out to make a connection? Dare I return the human touch? Is not this the question we all strive to answer with each new day?

I spent my day with the autumn breezes swirling around my head as I sought refuge outside my backdoor. The air is moist and humidity weighs down the renewed greenery off my deck. Silent sacred marks draw me into a trance and awe as I capture this moment in time with my camera. My vision is blurry today...maybe the injections are not working as I had hoped...but I try to save this moment for me to hold onto when the real weather changes into a white frozen tundra. As an artist I want to be able to savor and hold onto quiet moments in renewal. The rust is blooming and marking my fibers ...anticipation and trying to know when the time is right to bring the fabric inside to use as the cotton fiber piece now has its own history. Disintegration and renewal are now one in being and giving birth to a new story. Thank you Seth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday, September 21, 2009

the last day of a blessed summer...

is all we have to hold in this moment
a precious moment of peace
whispers outside my window
raindrops christen the newest colors of leaves
the flowers of our tomorrows
Fall is arriving
the visible is here
if you seek peace
the paintbrush is in your hand
colors express
the quietest of moments
in brilliant colors from the autumn palette
peace is on the wind and raindrops
the moist message from the earth's gentle hand
the muse is in renewal
the raindrops kiss my skin in peace
imagine peace
live in peace
embrace peace
today is the international day for creating peace
every day

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farewell to Mary...leaving on a jet plane

I guess with the cooler weather I am in the mood to study my kitchen recipes to help Ken with his diabetes and keeping his blood sugars down so as I was playing with center cut pork chops and fresh vegetables in the big french stock pot. It was then in that moment I heard the news about Mary Travers from Peter, Paul and Mary...she had died from leukemia and my heart literally sank. At 72 she has left too soon and the world will miss her as we greet the morning tomorrow. I was a young girl in Louisville, Kentucky when she played at an open concert. I could play one or two of their songs on my guitar and found myself more inspired by their dedication to making music that would heal our world. The words to"blowing in the wind" by Dylan resonated in my heart and head then and now.

I spent most of the day putting household duties into a simulated "order" ...tomorrow is another day but hopefully I can see the bottom of my table again. It was nice to sit down with the ritual of a bright table cloth and bon appetite dinner plates. I am now sorting the bag of treasures and tomorrow after hand treating stains and mending small battle scars and tears . I will wash them and arrange them for future composition. I lose myself in working with my hands and before I realize it the evening is about over and I need to do my handwork. I want to remember to take some photos to share. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

+Marshall Cole's first day at pre-school...

I have been running around today selecting and collecting vintage fibers that have a "herstory" of their own. I visited two Goodwills and the St.Vincent DePaul's for the afternoon and I think if they survive the washing and drying I am already planing how to make the assemblage and the compositional aspects of the different pieces. I went to Michael's and finally broke down and bought my very own bead spinner/battery operated so I can work some stringing design elements to the portraits of different women. I was tired and they were busy with customers... it is getting harder to find some fibers and laces because more and more people are shopping these stores for necessities and school clothes. I am on my "holy grail" quest and take my time to seek and collect the best...oh what FUN!

Today was Marshall Cole Spalding's very first day in his pre-school. From nine to one he is in his element with his newest buddies. He carried his lunch bag and wore his backpack and kissed his Mom and baby sister goodbye and entered the "big boy" world. When she picked him up and tried to ask about three questions about his stories and music but he answered "I am hungry and I am tired." He is always ready for a new adventure and has begun to express his ideas and interests in the face of new challenges each day. I am so proud of you little are an awesome miracle! We are both extremely proud of this little grandson but I suppose all grand parents feel the same about their precious gifts. Life is whirring by as I take in this breath of authentic living.

Ken has been off a little today and needed extra sleep to ease through the day. I went to the grocery and spent 3 times as much time "reading carbs and sugars" on all the packaging for our newest dietary needs. I have discovered we do have way to much sugar and salt in the processed foods here in the states. I filled the cart with fresh vegetables and fruits plus low fat meats, a turkey breast and some lean pork chops with deep green salads. Now I need to get to work and work tonight on my rainbow snake image on the Kath Walker quilt. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joy is visiting the farmer's market....

Flowers, pumpkins, homemade breads, cookies and even homemade potato chips to snack as you wander over to watch the soccer field, visit the young artist working with Todd Camp on perspective and future dream scapes for another exhibit created for and by children diving into discovery. Honey soaps, flowers and dried bittersweet on the grounds of Bryn Du mansion and the location today for our board meeting. The sun is calling me as I try pay close attention to details in cut backs and possible saving measures without hurting our fresh marketing evolution. The Licking County Arts will be one of the featured articles in next year's publication and with 75,000 issues going out this should really open up doors for future patrons and supporters of the wonderful artists we have creating their visions. Thank You Susan Fryer for all you do to help the little guys play in the big playground.

I went after my stroll through the market, to select some remnants for a family "cupcake" project for Morgan Elizabeth's Gourmet Bakery Shop in her little bedroom. I found bits and pieces of this and that and began looking for small doll pieces and vintage looking buttons and patterns to have on hand to explore a small installation I am mulling around in my brain. My Mexican dream is coming together but I still have a great deal of ephemera to sort through from my three summers down South. The Aguilar Sisters are almost mystic in their journeys as three ceramists each making their recognizable marks on the earth around where they live and survive in a beautiful magical land. The Milagros ...little miracles...are everywhere you look in every direction when you slowly travel around Mexico. It would be so difficult to be there, visit, explore and not find yourself a changed person.

Chris McCandless is a young Emory graduate of 1992 who gave away his worldly posses ions and then donated $24,00 to OxFam and then disappeared from his family and friends to go into the wilds of Alaska to "find himself in Nature". I found this book at one of my Goodwill runs and was immediately captivated by the driven young man from the Y generation. The fragmented story and journal entries found in his makeshift home on an old abandoned school bus offer insight into what others have identified as madness and yet his intentions were so pure and authentic I felt a sense of grief and loss when this man left his earthly home. It was a different time...supposedly...but I can see many of the same questions being asked over the last four decades....what am I to do with my life? His thirst for extreme experiences ...primordial beast was his quest. July 1992 he began his journey and walked out into his rebirth on the shores of Lake Mead. He was a performance artist both in reality and a metaphorical sense.

Have a great evening and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday, September 14, 2009

Did you know there is an international day for Peace?

September Monday...what can you do to create Peace? in your world? Your community and your global family? If we could cease to have War for just one day think of how much good we could share with each other. My participation in iPeace is a simple step to become more connected with others like thinking persons around the world. I smile...I think...and I question the conditions we allow to enter our spirits and bodies to experience. It just seems so easy to say...can't we just get along? and I do realize this is not the easiest thing to do. My hope is to make Peace with myself each morning and do the very best I can do.

The pumpkin stands are here to see and enjoy and tonight I stopped to photograph them along the roadside. Yes, it was dark but my flash worked just fine but I am so sure the people driving by wondering what this crazy lady was doing in the dark. I had been over to Maya Rose's to deliver her 10th birthday birthday presents. A month or so back I had promised her her own CD to play her favorite CD's especially Taylor Swift. Where have the years gone? I still remember waiting for her to arrive in the small hospital room and her mother working so hard to bring her into my heart forever. This beautiful baby girl took her first breath with me and I was a goner. I know all grand parents feel similar to this but she was my first and my life has never been the same. Thank you for all the pure joy and wonder you have reminded me of that is still visible if we stop to really see the love through the eyes a child.

I did not get to do very much work today but I plan on working tonight with Jay Leno as my background noise and hopefully some light entertainment! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the weather could not be more perfect than today...

I have been playing in the studio... with ironing the bits and pieces for my assemblage that is coming together. I fixed and patched my beloved 800 count fitted sheet...they are the softest, most comfortable fibers in the world and make getting into bed a real sensual pleasure. It may not look as "good" as the original state but it will hopefully give these beloved sheets another winter. I made a beautiful scarf from an awesome ethnic print with golden printed stamps on an ombre dyed sheen that is like wearing a sunset. I kept busy sorting colorful beads and buttons to go with the the final third on my Kath Walker sunset work. It is now becoming clear to me that the sheets were a warm soft golden color, the linen pieces and table cloth were printed in earthy golden and yellows and the scarf is a flaming sunset to wrap on a cool autumn evening. I was working in the sunshine colors of this blessed Fall day.

I wanted originally to go over to Columbus for an opening at the Ohio Design Craftsman Museum for the reception for "Conversations in Fabric" with art quilts curated in by Linda Fowler and her partner Tracey Rieger. Susan Shie has one of her wonderful narrative Obama quilts on the front of the postcard announcement. Ken is finally keeping his sugar down but his energy is very limited so we can check this out later because the exhibit will run until November 1, 2009. I am still under the weather myself with a nagging cough that won't allow me to sleep through the night. So homeward bound is fine for us.... the day was perfect for working on little rituals in the house we love.

Thank you for the love and moral support I have received from my blog friends and life is looking a little brighter...small steps toward peace on earth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

in the quiet of a Saturday's morning....

a cell phone ring
from a restricted cell phone
a week later
after the despairing night
when pain and harsh words splintered in the night
today a connection
I hesitated but communication is healing
for all of us
I meekly said hello
she delivered information about the week
the girls work in their school
the ill father-in-law
her work schedule
and yet she did not reverse her closure ...her breech...her accusations
I listened...
and I said very little
sometimes we all say something best
when we say nothing at all...
the door was showing a crack in connection
I will be there
if she happens to call once again
I feel grateful
I am thankful
we may move forward in Peace
Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ohio Buckeyes vs. USC... a big event here in Ohio...

Yes, the official football season is now in effect and it is best to join them instead of fighting them. Erin and Chance are actually in the crowd at the Horse Shoe stadium with about 105,000 fans as crazed as they can be. Ken and I are old enough to enjoy the festivities on ESPN college football prime time here in our man cave and the pressure is on for this continued rivalry. It has been a good way for Ken to relax and celebrate his sugar coming down to the 120's. The whole Stewart family now has 7 members who are diabetic and Tyler Perry calls this transition "diabetical". The pills and exercise and diet have collaborated to bring his sugar down and hopefully his energy back...he has lost almost 10 pounds which he cannot afford to lose this much weight. It has been a week of difficult decisions and constant testing but hopefully we are on the right path now. We have a very caring family doctor ...for over 23 years and she has been on top of this event and we will take Diabetes classes at the hospital soon. Thank you Mary Beth Hall!!!

Amber and Michael were hit by a woman running a red light yesterday and were in the hospital until 4 am this morning. I was unsure when they sent her home and felt it was too soon. She was out talking to her neighbor this afternoon and passed out in their yard. The ambulance came and took her to a different hospital and once again they released her. I should have been there to ask no tell them to keep her for the night for close observation. Michael is supposed to wake her during the night...that is a lot of pressure for a new young husband to deal with. Michael's Infinity is totaled but the air bag saved his life as it exploded when the woman hit the driver's side of the car. Amber's injuries could have been so much worse but they both wear their seat belts faithfully. I want to call there but hopefully they are resting and getting through a very sore and painful night. Please send healing thoughts to these two wonderful people who have just begun their lives together... they have been married for about 6 weeks!

I have spent the day with needles in my hands working on my quilt and handwork for most of the afternoon. I am adding also to an ethnic woolen sweater that I love dearly but even though the tag says XL it was knitted in Nepal and their women are much shorter and smaller than big old American girls. I bought a September Vogue home from Walmart after I got my hair cut ...I am not able to spend or wear most of their fashions but I do so love studying the coming trends in Fall 09 and found a designer called ETERO... an Italian company I think and was quite impressed with the vintage looking fabrics and the rich earthly colors. As the weather shifts to another season I find myself drawn to working with my fibers and wools with my fingers and mind's eye. Working with my hands help to relieve the stress of waiting for news from Amber and the diagnosis of Ken's latest development. I sorted threads, cotton flosses and selected needles to match the threads. I can hardly wait to add my beads and bone embellishments but if I do it too soon I have a battle with external tangles of threads and beads.

Yesterday I joined an active blog movement of artists from around the world who are dedicated to peace here on our earthly global home. You can check it out at and discover an ongoing conversation on how individuals can work to promote equality and Peace for all. "in iPeace we believe in non violence period." I heard from a woman in the Netherlands today and a wildly interesting hippie biker man and his art works were quite impressive. I won't spend too much time...I say now ...but it is a very serene place to return to and find like minded souls who would like to let go of ego and help those who may be downtrodden. Go Bucks!!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th...eight years later...

As I sit in the peaceful sunshine this afternoon my mind returns to the pain and loss our country experienced eight years ago. The bell tolls as names are read and remembered and I feel the ache in my own heart. Ground Zero and twin beams of lights fill the New York skyline to remind us never to forget how hate destroys our humanity. This afternoon an actual piece of the twin towers was placed near the Westerville Fire Memorial..."C-4" is a steel beam from between the 98th and 100th floor. This reliquary will place homage and honor to our fallen Americans and the rescue team who fought to retrieve the survivors and find a sense of closure for the families left behind. I happened to be in Dayton, Ohio when this dark threatening day injured our sense of safety in America. The fighter jets and the black hawk helicopters were flying above in the sky over Dayton...there were no answers to be had and I knew I needed to get home to my family. I began my personal mantra on that day...Imagine and Live in Peace" even though I was attempting to live a peaceful life. As I close my journals and correspondence I attempt to pass it on to all I LOVE and care for. The power of one person...a quiet voice to share an affirmation of Hope for us all.

Tonight is the opening of the Old Town East Neighborhood's "Hot Times Festival" celebrating the heritage and music of a historical Columbus close knit community. The foods and the Arts plus an incredible opportunity to view and tour some of the architectural homes in the community is priceless. The intricacies in design and gardens invite you to come closer and learn the stories of the founding founders of Columbus. They just do not even try to build homes or comm unties like this any more so preservation is so valuable to maintaining a living History for all. Many artists live in this community and this activity is important in maintaining visibility and pride living in this community. The festival continues through Sunday and hopefully those nearby can stop by for Smokey Joe's barbecue and some good time funky music. I realize there is an Ohio State football game on Saturday and traffic can be a deterrent but hang in there and enjoy the good times!!!

Say a prayer for peace, hug those you love and reach out to make a difference in your own life. I am going back to my is a very quiet way to center and focus on my blessing during difficult times. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my dryer is working....

This fact can only make sense to those of you who work with cotton textiles and found fiber stitched design elements to see if they can survive my further embellishments and alterations. The household laundry has been multiplying in multiple piles in my small laundry room. The repairman worked for a short amount of time and gave us the bill. The roof man also showed up to see how much damage we experienced during a recent summer storm and the front porch needs some adjusting and uplifting. When the bills run in they flow like water. I love our cabin in the woods and just having the simple pleasures of doing my laundry at home is a fact I really appreciate and never lose sight of their importance. We have to wait until next week to have the roof analyzed and they can make an accurate estimate.

Tonight I went to boot camp for volunteering at our local theater; the Midland has been around since 1928 and is a true center for our community to come together for the finest of the visual and musical arts. I love those green velvet seats! We were given an executive tour of all three floors, learned the seating arrangement both orchestra and balcony and visited the stars dressing rooms and the private green room which is actually a black room. We saw a historical video of the 8 1/2 billion dollars in renewal! What a joy to have this opportunity to share the arts in such a regal and warm inviting theater! We will see the Smothers Brothers in October which for sure I will not be working but out in the green velvet seats enjoying the bad boys!

When I got home I found myself exhausted so this will have to be a short night. I am amazed at all the simple gifts that keep me centered and focused. My dryer is working !!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I need to update ...Bravo President Obama...imagine hard work and persistence...controversy????

I stayed home today and worked on my chain stitching on the quilt surface and had a movie fest with HBO...I love a very serious movie about healing ...The Secret Life of Bees. The actors give a very intimate view of friendships that come full circle. A favorite quote keeps rerunning in my mind as I work on layers..."place a beehive on my grave and let the honey drip down on me". The life in a beehive is an appropriate metaphor for our own human relationships and the power of a queen bee and dedication of the worker bees to having an orderly manner of life. South Carolina in 1964... have the race issues really evolved? I have been moved by many of the quotes and may work these thoughts and images into a new piece of my work. Check this out as a thought provoking film and the photography is stunning.

I heard back from a blog "pinch me to see if you are dreaming" on some further playtime on youtube to make dramatic pages in your journal...check out . Once you get the ball rolling they seem to appear like a magic book to open at your own leisure. It can be addictive with some new supplies and the house to yourself...crank up the CDs and have a party with colors. I should be working on an overview for the gallery director but instead I procrastinate with the best of them and play the day away. It is freeing me up to begin a collage for Ri'chard back in Nashville. A jive talking alligator in the celebratory colors of New Orleans!!! I do digress don't I? I spent time catching up on some missed blog entries and lost track of time...Help I need to be back to my work!

I have a new hair cut and I will need to update my is shorter and easier to manage. Have a great evening! Imagine and Live in Peace. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart