Friday, May 8, 2009

Gross National Product gnp...Gross National Happiness...

As you well see by last nights typing errors maybe I will need another brain procedure in the near future. I am still Here! Some days are better than others but this afternoon I picked up Maya and Sabrina from Cherry Valley and then went to drop off forwarded mail from the LCA over at Mary Thedos...I was disappointed that she was not home because I miss her genuine insight and kindness. We went to the post office to pick up the stamps that remain 42 cents even after Monday's increase. The post office is having their rough financial issues right along with the rest of us. After a very quick stop off at JoAnn's for half off the remnants we headed back to my daughters and then I realized my key no longer works. We remained calm but Sabrina wanted to be inside and she needed some Tylenol for her headache/allergies?? Tomorrow we are cooking for the young movers in Reynoldsburg: lasagna, homemade spaghetti sauce, garlic bread, fresh spinach salad and carrot cake cupcakes and help them relax and celebrate their new home.
I worked in my dismantled studio tonight and even though to an outsider it looks like a disaster I am making headway. You have to take everything out of hiding to really know what you have available before you can totally make the reorganization work least that is what "they" tell you. I found myself organizing and ironing fabrics for some work in a series I am working on and have been able to play a little more than I had done in the last couple of years. The standing still evolution...seems to be guiding me into a somewhat but new direction. I have been very blessed to hear from some of my artists who worked on the Seth project and we have compared notes on the power of working in isolation...the trick is finding a sense of balance. This fluctuates from day to day but it is a learning curve that I am appreciating with each new day. Have a great evening! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Yes, the elusive balancing act! I love how you relate the need to take everything out to know what you have. My mind works in exactly the same way. The sorting of it, handling it with your hands, generates all sorts of new ideas. I love it. Love your pix and your beautiful babies, too.