Thursday, September 30, 2010

gratitude for a very busy month...where did the month go?

Tomorrow I will begin my third month in my space... I need to find a way to get my work a very public visible space to share the process of how one artist makes her work. Today I shared my heart and space with both the young and the older generations. When the afternoon slowed down a bit I gessoed my canvases in preparation for Saturday's demonstration. Yes I did prepare two canvases in hope that I can make my final decision on the actual composition...nothing like the last minute to push one forward and onward :O)!

"Starting something new
allows us to choose to reset
knowing that with each choice,
we learn,
and move forward."
This message was in my email mailbox today and seems so appropriate for each artist who is making a new step into uncharted territories. I have heard from the two artists coming in on Monday to begin with the gallery installation. I will attempt to photograph this process... some do not know how much preparation goes behind the scene in making an opening come into fruition.

I am going to get to bed a little earlier fatigue will weigh me down and I have pressure in my chest at the end of the day...I need to listen to my body to have a life in my body. Slow down you move too fast...and the weekend is almost here. Gratitude is a special affirmation and I am so thankful for the hard work and blessings bestowed onto me. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Be sure to pepper your life with fresh love! and the garden's last peppers from the garden!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did you ever have a day?....

I was sidetracked by the gossamer webs glistening in the early morning sunlight...I sat mesmerized watching as if I expected a miracle like a fairy dancing just for me in the theater of autumnal colors. My cup of warm coffee warmed my hands as I sat in my pajamas on the back deck ...just like I had all the time in the world. Before I knew it time had passed ...but the birds were still conversing with the squirrels scampering to collect their precious harvest of dropping acorns. I rushed through my shower and threw on a soft pair of black corduroy jeans..officially it is Fall in my house. I was greeted by two dear young professionals who were once young artists a few years back... and today they are teaching in the digital and photographic courses for Central Ohio Technical College. Michael Coronado and Aimee helped me gather my "stuff" in the car to continue the move into my studio! We quickly attempted to catch up but made plans to come back later for an official cup of hot tea or coffee and share our lives once more!

The gallery was hopping and I rarely got a chance to sit down. I had a phone conference call with a product representative for some possible ideas for the holidays that are quickly approaching. I have already made arrangements to sell handmade goat milk soaps from one of my blog post sisters. I know my public will love them! I expressed the need to support the local artists in my area and I only wanted American produced products our artists here at home in America. Art and Irma Perry made a wonderful surprise visit and we planned to get together for an exhibit when they return from their winter stay in the warmth of Florida's sunshine. In their 80's they are exuberant in their love and support of one an others art journey. I always feel better when I am around these positive people who are living their dreams out loud. I share the Paper Moon video about 20 times today...we could be real busy real soon! Later I ended my day with the B52's CD and rushed home to get to get to the grocery before dark. Well I did not get my canvas readied but there is always tomorrow.... I think we have worked our where I will be painting for the fund raiser...Lord help me ...but this could and should be fun for me and the art patrons. I will keep you posted! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tea for Tuesdays...was hot coffee...

The cold damp rain made my body not want to move this morning... so hot hot coffee filled the cup to the brim and helped me clear my brain. I met with a couple of the gallery directors this morning to discuss the possibility of printing a map of the local studios and galleries with a quarterly list of the exhibitions and art events for the art walks . One unified approach to demonstrate a unified approach to making the Arts available for families and patrons in our community. The more we work together the better for all concerned. The more we have to offer is evidence that there are working and making a viable living here in Licking County. No one succeeds alone.

Erin Elizabet brought the three children over to Newark..The Works...her first trip out with all the children since the arrival of baby Lyndon Allen five weeks ago. The sun came out in as they walked in inside my heart...we all had packed our lunch so we shared a delightful lunch with each other and then I shared the new studio space with them all. Erin looks great but as you know a little sleep would be appreciated. I took Cole and Morgan over to the Interurban Train and then went into the lab spaces for the children in the Works. We played ...well they explored one activity after another while I tried to keep up in two separate directions. It may have been a gray day for the rest of the world but when you are with two happy little children they are no clouds in the sky! When I came back Erin had nursed Lyndon and hopefully got a wee bit of quiet rest in my small 8 by 10 studio office on the soft futon. I love my small place where I can retreat and take a moment to breathe deeply but now to be able to share this with my daughter makes it all the more sacred.

I needed to get a easel for Saturday...did I mention I would be demonstrating "painting Venice" for the night long fund raiser for The Works. I have volunteered for everyone since I have been here and even though Howard LeFevre is gone from this earthly world...his spirit lives on in each and everyone of us when we make a contribution to the legacy Howard left for our community. I am still working on my composition and will gesso my canvas tomorrow. I will work in acrylics and possibly have special papers in the assemblage... process process process. I have never painted in front of a party situation but I am game...Marcia asked me to help and here I go! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Cole is 3 1/2...Morgan is 1....and Lyndon is 5 weeks old. The handsome young man is Garrett who was once a student he is teaching upstairs at COTC. Erin is such a great mother...even if we are related ...she does a fabulous job making a home and raising some pretty beautiful children with Dr. Chance!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A circle of friendship and inspiration...

I had lunch with the Newark Kiwanis this afternoon and found myself admiring their sense of commitment to building a loving community. I was absolutely thrilled to break bread with them and an old dear friend Doug Barrett provided the lunch with hamburgers, baked beans , salads and multiple dessert pies to tempt the diners. They inducted three new members and made plans for further community projects that will finance the multiple needs for children. The room radiated with a sense of pride...something quite contagious and empowering. I was invited to share my work as an artist but totally forgot to share some pertinent information about my paper Moon collaboration on October 23, 2010...the same day The Works is hosting their 2010 Harvest Festival ...pumpkins, games, demonstrations, music and multiple surprises to delight the child in all our hearts.

I left after my talk and prayed my audience walked away with the appreciation for maintaining the Arts and making them available for everyone. Susie Shie and Jimmy Acord were visiting Newark to select a new puppy ...a labadoodle that they will come back to pick up in about 11 days. Tomorrow is Susie's birthday and we had a glorious chocolate chip cookie to celebrate our big 60! My birthday just keeps rolling along...whoopee! They had a quick bite to eat and headed back home filled with glee about the new family member that they will share their artistic endeavors with in their pet friendly home.

I attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting tonight about the 2011 trip to China in April. I have a room mate so that would save me some money but it will mean I need to sell a lot of art in the next 6 months. It looks like a great trip and I will have to consider all the pros and cons ...I know I would really enjoy the 7 day trip into another diverse culture. Wish me luck! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday September 24th...Art Walk...

The weather was cool and we had a wonderful bead artist at the Myers and Pugh Jewelry Studio next door...Jen came down with her mother from Berea, OH for a one day trunk exhibit. Her works were spectacular and I would love to have bought one...just one for my daughter Erin who has a bracelet already with the hand made beads that share a significance for her life as a young wife and mother. I will share a few photos that you can hopefully examine when you click on for a close up. Then our guest glass artist Erin Bessler and Daniel Schrieber have a small opening exhibit at The Works gallery with their hand blown goblets and vessels ...I could not stay for the celebration and wine and cheese but I will return maybe tomorrow afternoon for a closer examination. I hope you enjoy a small view into our Art Walk. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

wabi sabi moments....

Wabi Sabi moments are dazzling in the beginnings of a change of seasons but exceptional in the Fall. Trees are painted in blazing colors even though with the hot weather and lack of rain I am afraid our season will be short. I photographed a shell of an old green house...the presence of aged change was too beautiful for my words to express adequately the silent witness to such a sacred process in the circle of making a life. I came home with a beautiful rusted chain for my collection of design elements...I want to print with the natural environment onto linen and natural fibers outside off my deck...we will see what gifts I will receive. Enjoy the silence. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Friday ...Saturday...Sunday...

I have to be much work to do ... and joyful beautiful weather...Autumnal equinox is extremely powerful! I will share some photos now and post later...Enjoy!

This is my dear friend Mary Woodward's sacred studio space...she is my hero in so many ways...Iraq veteran..artist...wife to Courage...mother to Camille and Hendrix...liver and lover of making an artist life. Authentic glorious free giving spirit! I look forward to many many artistic visits in the future. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart