Wednesday, May 6, 2009

moisture in the atmosphere...

My ferns are breaking through the warming earth...
moisture in the atmosphere envelops my hillside
the creatures are seeking a safe place to hide until the raindrops stop
and old friends have re-entered my life after a twenty years absence.
My ferns are unfolding in the moist inviting climate
opening in a visible dramatic act of trust and faith
much like an old friend who reappears in my heart
to celebrate the moment of jubilation...together
as if we were never separated over the time spent apart
Perennial fiddle heads announce their arrival
in my garden my heart.
I treasure these whispers and echoes from my cherished past.

Today I have heard from other participating artists in the disintegration project; many from remote areas on our planet Earth. I also received guidance from an artist/author who is attempting to guide me through this process in creating a one person exhibit. She shared some of her photos from the ODC exhibit on her blog "Uncommon Threads" by Gayle Pritchard. She is a gifted and generous artist and now we have realized we share the next phases of our lives as artists. I continue my slow process with one stitch after another and know I need to nurture patience and just do the best I can with the tools I now possess. My vision is precarious on some days ...but I am still here! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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