Friday, December 31, 2010

an eve of reflection on the goodbye to 2010....

I have the TV on with Times Square happenings in my background. Ken has gone to sleep and will greet 2011 in the morning. I went down to work in solitude in my studio was 62 degrees here today...I am not sure what to think about this weather pattern. We were in sub-zero temperatures for most of the month and today we finish the year out with glorious sunshine and almost tropical temperatures. I gathered up my Christmas collection of design elements and carefully sorted and put them into the best organizational system I have ever had. I was totally proud of my "stuff all in a proper place"...this is so freeing to my spirit and I began rediscovering what supplies I had for the next couple of months. I am going to be working on my quilts but I still need to make some items to tempt my visitors to buy and support my rent of the month fund! :O)

I took some natural photos tonight on my way home sky seemed to fill with mystical openings in the dark foreboding clouds...the sunlight found its way to escape and shimmer down on the precious undeveloped earth. I began to recognize holes in my reality and tried to begin to connect some of the details and search for personal solutions to my shortcomings. I need to pay attention to small clues and show my affection when I feel the need to express sides or versions of myself that I normally keep quiet and hidden away. I hope to daily show appreciation for my talents and strengths and recognize I can not and could not be everything for "others". This acceptance alone is a new awareness of attributes and weaknesses I have known about myself but rarely expressed. If I see or feel a personal sadness I will make an effort to reach out and help someone else. I am finding solace in my retreat to work daily on my own my own place...that I happen to share with others when they come in. There are days when I do not accomplish everything I set out to do but being out in the open and sharing my art process is one way of communicating with one another. I do think I will work more after hours in 2011 because I do enjoy the quiet alone moments but my focus has become more visible in my heart's desire. Once again recognize...connect... and solve what come what may in the next year. I will seek renewal in quiet moments the hope found in a child's eyes ... and listen with my heart. I wrote "Hope like a tree reaches for the sky" back when I was 16 and in high school at Angela Merici in Louisville, KY. I am amused that I can remember this process thought after so many years and with the brain surgery I have gaps in my memory...maybe that is for the better.

I watched the Devine Bette Midler's special on HBO earlier tonight and realize for 40 years I have had her music in my subconscious. She is one brave bodacious broad and I am proud to say she is a woman who has made her own "Herstory" history. If you get a chance are in my age group check her out...her dance troupe is spectacular and the costumes will make you smile. The bawdy jokes in a vaudeville style ...I sure wish I could remember her one liner jokes... I am not a joke teller.

Survive a crisis
Let go
Simple living a simplified life
In Inner Peace.

May we all be blessed to be safe, healthy and content to create daily. Dare to risk the unfamiliar or new and seek quiet calm moments daily. Happy New Year! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Larry Nawadney is a wood carver from Granville, OH...searching for his answers.
Look out for the curves in the road...this is a journey we all must make on our own.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

a quiet cloak...a shimmering veil...fog moves into neighborhood...

I spent the day trying to pack up the Christmas materials to make room for the New 2011... I sold another gift certificate today to another Grandmother who after talking to me went out to buy her grand daughter her own easel for Christmas. YAHOO!!!! Art Saves Lives!! I have been thinking about another $5.00 gift for the Valentine presents and am very proud to announce my collaboration the "Three Kids and a Kitchen" cottage industry and sell my daughter Erin's new adventure to make and sell her delicious homemade caramels. We will meet on New Year's to finalize out collaboration lesson plans but I am thrilled to offer an affordable sweet gift for your sweet hearts. I also have some new surprises planned for small pieces but first I need to complete my last commission piece. Guess what I am literally going to paint a life size horse for a client in 2011. The wedding backdrops are coming in and I am back in high school once again creating backdrops for the drama club at my high school. I realize how lucky I am to be able to live my dream in my small studio!! I feel so grateful everyone who has come by and supported my dream.

The soft velvet fog is moving in tonight and I need to stay home...I worry about my eyesight and driving at night. I had wanted to attend an open house tonight but I think I had better be safe and stay home. I am including some of yesterdays photos...I was a little tired last night and took the night off. Now I did work in my home studio ...and fell asleep a little earlier than my usual bedtime. I hit Michaels and Hobby Lobby after work tonight to select some of after holiday sales. Saturday we get an additional 25% off the total sale at Michaels so I need to review what supplies I will need in the New Year. May we all be blessed in creating our Art in 2011...recognize that there is a need... collaborate ...and create a new solution that you have not tried before...what have you got to lose? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday in the studio and surprises ....

I worked frantically to complete a special commission for a young man who asked me to create a personal journal that he would share with his special girlfriend. They are both college students at different campuses but he is working hard to graduate in two years in a nutrition/sports trainer degree. She is an empathetic young woman with the desire to become a physical therapist. I really wanted to make a easy map like journal that they could write , document and collect mementos from their courtship years. I am including some photos of my contribution but the real work will develop and grow as they begin writing their feeling down on pages. This is a totally personal gift for now and for their future. I personally think this is one of the best gifts to create and to receive. I am very happy to have my journals from my youth. These are simple gifts and yet so precious and priceless.

Then when I had wrapped the journal and sent the young man on his way I turned around to hear..."Is there any good art around here?" Yes there is and this question came from a dear friend who is the mother of two children with her husband and her parents. They has just arrived from Lafayette, IN for a quick Christmas holiday visit home. Julie was one of Ken's 8th grade students from years ago...what a gift to have these special people in our lives over 25 years ago. We had a great visit at The Works No Nog Holiday Events.... mastodons...interurban trains... invention rallies and races...Wii games and activities. The afternoon just flew by and before we knew it they were on their way home to share the rest of the family reunion and share the gift exchange. These young parents have done a remarkable job with two beautiful young children ....and they all look like little "Julie and Doug"s. Well I need to get to bed...I have a meeting tomorrow for a special exhibit being planned for summer 0f 2011 with a Mardi Gras theme. I am very intrigued because I have a piece in my mind about a transplanted New Orleans chef who survived hurricane Katrina ...and moved his business to Nashville to start a new business. I look forward to hearing about these exciting plans. I am sending you all snowflake kisses and warm mitten hugs to everyone. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A quiet Sunday after the Christmas cheer....

sugar cookies
snowflake kisses
Christmas pajamas
Two new blue flame throwing Toothless...
a purple and pink rocking horse
puzzles and magnifying glasses
a tent with a tunnel
books...books... books
a Hokey Pokey musical skirt
three grandmas
two grandpas
and a run of the whole house....
Merry Christmas at the Spaldings!

Today is a time of quiet in my home...Ken went out to the grocery to replenish a few essentials and I did some laundry catch-up. IFC channel offered a diversion with a marathon of "Geeks and Freaks" from the year of 2000. I am amazed at the young talent that grew from their appearances on this unique TV series. The children and grandchildren are all playing with their newest toys and taking a much needed nap after the wild experiences from yesterday. I will keep this short but please peek into our gathering yesterday and relish the simple joys of having small hearts squealing with just happiness. Yes the rooms may be literally trashed ...but the reality is "Who really cares?" I hope your day was full and mellow and you are all safe as the East Coast Blizzard hits to close the year of 2010. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart