Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whispers and Echoes of Women's Work--Part II

Below: Mary Helen's announcement in the newspaper. Above: It Takes a Village--Prayer for the Maasai Warrior. This quilt was purchased by The Ohio State University (Newark Branch) for the John and Christine Warner Library. Click on the photos for larger views.

Click on the play button on the preceding post (below) first for Part I of the video. This is Part II of Whispers and Echoes--play it 2nd.
(Mary will post her written words later; she is resting now.)

It Will Reveal Itself....

Seek the inner depth of things,
and when they lead you to the edge of a great discovery,
discern whether it arises from a necessity of your being.
Either this discovery will strike you as superficial and you will shed it,
or it will reveal itself as intrinsic to you and grow into a strong and honest tool of your art.
Letters to a Young Poet

I hope you will feel as if you have had an opportunity to step into my world as an artist. The images and the circle of energies in the people in the room visiting my heart through my work will continue long after this earthly vessel enters a new dimension. I do not make a large number of works of art but by sharing the writings and finished images I am able to speak and share with viewers now and in the future. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Whispers and Echoes of Women's Work--Part I

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I have had a day for rest, sleep and reflections. As an artist I am working every day to create a safe, serene environment where all will find safety to create their sacred marks and we can recognize the power of the human spirit. Our marks are evidence of our existence here and hopefully leave a legacy to empower those in the future. My body is spent to say the least but as I mentioned I am so blessed my members of our community, our dear friends and circle of family members who came forward to share this celebration. One young man is named Owen...he was celebrating his birthday at the Interurban Train at the Works and ran into my arms to give me a congratulations card and my very own box of Animal Crackers. You see I met Owen and his mother and father when he was still being carried in his car seat and he would come down to have lunch with his Father. I saw his first steps into the old gallery, I shared Animal Crackers with every child who entered and we shared a moment or two talking about "Looking at Art" yet trying not to Touch the works and paintings and fragile glass works. I have missed this sweet spirit of the children who came into my life for almost eight years when I lovingly managed and curated the gallery. Thank you Owen for remembering me in your means so much to words fail to really express the depth of appreciation. Enjoy the first video...Ken worked very hard while I caught up on my sleep and only got up to do the laundry and rest. I am not sure when this passage will really sink in...I am ready to continue my works for Part II in honoring Whispers from women you may know. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Friday, May 28, 2010

Whispers and Echoes of Women's Work

Prayer for the Maasai Warrior...8 and 1/2 ' by 5 ' ...contemporary funerary art quilt destined to live and preside over the students in the John and Christine Warner Library at Ohio State University here in Newark! I am so blessed.

I am so blessed. The opening went so well with many good wishes from such dear friends and patrons of the Arts here in Licking county. I am an artist who will now have a major work in the John and Christine Warner Library at Ohio State University here in Newark. A local artist who lives and loves our community, a paid artist for their work in a public Living university library designed and built to serve the needs of the students and faculty. Comfortable couches and numerous fireplaces to warm the spirit on a cold winter's eve; the most up-to-date computer services, resources and even a healthy food counter and gourmet coffee shop for those late night study sessions. I have a legacy open to the present community and future generations for years to come. I will be gone but my sacred marks will guard and protect my dream for a diverse community. We are all tired and had a great turn out despite the Memorial Day weekend with many families out of town for reunions and family gatherings. I will write more tomorrow when I am more coherent. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a sensitive ear to embrace the silence....

The last three works are hung in the gallery and the silence is peaceful. Marcia Downes, the director was pushing a broom to prepare for tomorrow's luncheon. Tomorrow would have been Howard LeFevre's birthday but he is alive in everyone who believes and Lives his Dream. Thank you Mr. Howard for checking in on me every week as I worked to LIVE the Arts here in Licking County. I have learned so much from my years here and I want to continue the Dream. Marcia asked me if I was Happy? Happy does not cover the honor I have been given to share in my Dream of showing my works in my hometown... the stories and the legacy our community lives through a courageous silent journey. On Howard's birthday he would invite me to come along to a wonderful restaurant and we would both have fresh scallops. I would joke and ask why he would invite me but in my heart I knew he believed in me and wanted the Arts to grow and flourish here in Licking county. His family and dear friends with Marcia and Jon, and dear Charlotte plus the dean of the campus of OSU and COTC...I felt like royalty at this prestigious celebration. Tomorrow I celebrate for you in your gift of the Works. We are all blessed because you had a vision of Hope and Promise. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maya's Drama performance with Miss Bieber....and Gratitude

Making sacred sacred marks
Recognizing the importance of pencil touching the paper
The notes of colors giving Voice to a human heart
Small miracles documenting the multiple messages from generations
Our hands make the connection....yesterday, today and a diverse future for our tomorrows
Celebration of my life
In emotional response to textiles recording and touching me back
Moving forward in diverse marks printed onto a precious commodity
to visible global responses
The people in this room support my vision
Even when they might not know what I am trying to say
The realization that I reveal more than than I ever acknowledged
Ripples of experiences and survival
A celebration of Life and all those who have entered my circle
Reflections and Ripples revealed from the past six decades
I am blessed
You have blessed me
The voice of God speaks through me
Amidst the often chaotic surroundings in our culture
Art gives the creator and the viewer a place to stand still
Standing still is essential for our journeys
Imagine and Live in PEACE.

Maya Rose had her family picnic/shared dinner tonight before the final performance of Her Geography Hip Hop musical number. This is more intimate than the big production with Sabrina's Pirate play and the families got a chance to meet and respond to the joys this past year has provided for the children at Cherry Valley. With the major economic cuts I am hopeful that this will find the needed funds to continue this enriching program. I was gone for three hours...three hours when I should have been working but seeing the light in Maya eyes as she prepared for performance is another documentation of performance art. Thank you Miss have shared your passion and your life with my grandchildren...Have a great summer. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday, May 24, 2010

a day for gratitude...Thank you Ken , Justin and Lyn....

I am going to teach Lyn to gift to her.
Hand inspecting each placement of even the smallest works.... Crow Moon
"Marriage Takes Three" Merinda chair
"Merinda" wood burned chair...Queen Brooks this ones for you and my gentle Rosa Parks...
My latest Creation quilt...Merinda IV...checking placement...this is not quite right....
Justin was superb...he and Ken are super patient men with a great deal of patience and a wonderful sense of humor!

The quilts are up and only two more minor adjustments to add on Wednesday and then I can contemplate my next sacred marks. Mondays are quiet in the museum ...the doors are closed to the public even though the energy continues to flow as people stop by and deliver pertinent information and ask for further programs and the hours for field trips. When you enter the main entrance there is a bronze statue of Howard Le Fevre...our patriarch for honoring the history, technology and art in Licking county. It is a real amazement to others who did not meet Howard to see his legacy he left for everyone in and around our community. I felt Howard there today with me and I could almost hear his gentle voice asking me to tell him about the Arts this week in Licking county...come have a cup of soup...and then he would give me a point or two on how to increase the flows and opportunities for my patrons. I miss you Howard...but I carry you in my heart forever.

Marcia invited me over to a quick lunch in the central gallery and I gazed lovingly at the empty space... now vacant ...where my beloved LCA gallery once celebrated and exhibited the sacred marks of my community. I would love to have a studio in that space and Marcia and I discussed the possibility of combining print works and exhibits and gallery space to unite with the Print Shop over on First Street...part of the Historical studios and exhibits in The Works complex. There is now the involvement of the STEM science and math programs, lectures and summer concerts in the courtyard plus seasonal family oriented activities. The programs continue to grow and blossom with each new year and hopefully the recognition with the Smithsonian will continue to widen our lenses on the culture in our country and our globe. Thank you Howard...maybe in the future there will be an opportunity for me to work for you and your dream.

The major quilts are now hung thanks to Ken and his wise experience from the years past, Justin who prepared and hung the works lovingly as Lyn and I expressed our opinions left...up...down...Perfect!!! placements and locations for each work in this beautiful space. I have enough works and assemblages on canvas for a complete second exhibit...but there is really no need to crowd the white and well lit space that highlights each work. We were all tired as the day came to a close but with rest and recognition for gratitude to those who came before me...Thank you all who have gone before me. I am back to truly gives me a sense of work is a journey of my soul and my heart. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday ...I should be working right now....

Tom Potter will loved for a very long time dear friend.
Scott and Jill...we love you both ...thank you for including us in this celebration of Life!
Ken and Scott...buddies forever...Morgan is trying to figure out who you are with Grandpa???
Marshall Cole three years old and baby sister Morgan Elizabeth one year and sound in their car seats...Where will we put Baby number three in August????
Cole and his cat Tabitha....
Morgan Elizabeth sporting her first haircut with Grandpa :O)!

Ken and I attended a dear friend's Father's memorial held at a golf course where Tom loved to play golf... and had a jazz band which included his young grandson seventeen year old Chase who will be studying in Boston this summer...his specialty is Jazz Violin. The weather was beautiful and golfers were on the course...there was a memory slide show complete with family memories and holiday celebrations. Two sisters and two brothers brought their families into Columbus for a weekend memorial...the food was a picnic, the music inspirational and the stories unforgettable. The Potter family has another memory for their hearts and know their father and grandfather will always be with them as they live their lives for generations to come. Thank you for including us in the party...I felt like family. May God bless and keep you all!

Ken went to get an air popcorn popper...too many chemicals in our microwave packaging and I went to the grocery...yikes we needed everything it seems. I made eye of beef round with mushrooms and carrots and wide egg noodles. I am sending a dinner home to Erin because she looked very tired today and Chance is under stress for his dissertation presentation next week...and Erin has been running around at 6 months pregnant shopping and caring for her mother who is recovering from knee surgery and all the while chasing after two delightful little ones...Cole and Morgan :O)! Ken has already dug into this delicious beef and noodles for his dinner and I made enough to send over the my neighbor Melanie who had surgery on Friday. I am earning my gold stars for all the times I have been naughty but nice :O).

Now, I need to get my act in gear and work on my Creation quilt for completion...tomorrow we will deliver some more works and hang the quilts for my exhibit. What was I thinking???? I need to get a few more postcards into the mail for my cousin in Indiana and one of the cashiers at Kroger who is on sick leave...maybe she will be well enough to come and take a visit to the gallery. Ginny has been asking me questions and supporting my handwork for the last year. Enjoy the last few hours of our Sunday respite... a day for family, rest and just plain loving each other!

Oh my goodness... my Maya Rose received her first cell phone today and she is going to teach me to text and send photos back and forth to each other. She is so excited...and growing way too fast for my heart's dreams. One moment she was a tiny baby and now she is almost eleven and we are making plans to swim and enjoy our summer together. Imagine and Live in Peace and Love !!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Whew was it just one week ago and we were celebrating at the FAVA exhibit in Oberlin? Life is flashing by... I am so blessed.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a rainy Saturday filled with contemplation...

my rusty bits off my back deck....
a mandala theme growing
petry dishes in a circular arrangement....

I am still working...almost in an unconscious state of prayerful movement as I make my list...five 16" by 20" frames to finish and frame on or by Monday. Tomorrow we will head over to Columbus to partake in a memorial celebration for one of our friends father. These happy go lucky guys used to get together and play golf...their stories of footage and drives were always punctuated by outrageous claims and accusations o who was not counting all their strokes. This ceremonial gathering on a golf course was their ritual gathering and bull---- convention. I really love the fact that this is an allowed ritual sport where men and some women (I can not deal with the hot sun and heat) can come together outside in Nature and just chase their balls. In less than one year Ken has lost two golf mates so time is changing way too quickly...both of us have lost our fathers so there is some what an understanding of how difficult it is to say goodbye to our fathers. "The circle / secret of life is enjoying the passage of time" becomes more relevant with each passing day." May time renew the happy moments and recognize our parents are always with us in our memory and our hearts.

I visited a few blog posts during breaks this afternoon and Venetian Red has shared some interesting photos of South Florida Fine Art Exhibit...the circle patterns. subject matter revealed are intriguing and some how haunting me mind's wanderings. The circular patterns vibrate with a never broken energy that pulls the viewers in for a closer examination. Hypochondria images of collected petry dishes and specimens photographed by Klari Reis were mesmerizing and I can not explain why. Maybe it is the combination of scientific observations and art design elements united for a strong impressive composition. At my first impression I thought they were completed with images of antique buttons ...not petry dishes...and wanted more information as to why Klari chose this arrangement to document. I am fascinated by circles and spirals and often employ them in my own works. Almost a metaphysical message from the creator to the art viewer and bringing them into visibility. Prayerful assemblages that may mean more to me because of my medical history and perpetual search for an accurate diagnosis of my autoimmune disease. I have included some of this posts images ...see what you might be reminded of or guided by in your own personal experiences. Evidence of spirit and body ...the artist asks many questions and invite the viewer to supply their answers and hypothesis to what the meaning of this composition signifies.

I had better get back to my work with my constant companion headache...Sunday is just 90 minutes away...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

1..... Eva Hess threads of connection
2.....add final colors to Ramona's collage on canvas
3.....Beatrice Woods "I shock myself"
4.....Immaculee Ilibagiza...survivor of Rwanda genocide and lesson of forgiveness
5.....Judith Scott...finding her voice in her world of silence

Friday, May 21, 2010

my dance begins...a gallery space and my voice made visible for others to hear....

The rains have returned and violent thunderstorms threaten our community but I have plenty of work to complete down here in the man cave. We delivered the quilts to the gallery and laid them out onto the clean floor to allow them to rest ...I will spray them lightly with a water mist to puff up my hand stitching and ease out any possible wrinkles made while in storage and delivering. Lyn...the busy curator had a luncheon meeting with another artist for preparations for a future exhibit. We had a quick lunch with two dear friends and she was just juried into an art exhibit at the Franklin Conservatory this summer... she has hand felted two carnivorous tropical plants. Way to go Chris...I can not wait to see this exhibit...the conservatory is a favorite place of mine to visit and rest my soul amongst the moist green cathedral. We gently opened up each quilt...large and small and placed them on the floor to see how they would fill this space...with a comfortable walking and viewing traffic pattern...I love plenty of room to see and contemplate each work in an exhibit...nothing crammed yet placed to offer a visual punctuation to my work's narratives. We then delivered postcards to Memory Lane, my two banks Huntington and our local bank Park national. I call this direct foot to sidewalk marketing. Finally I went into St. Francis elementary and put individual postcards in the Principal's office...a little boy ran up to me...the art lady!... to share his glee...they were allowed to eat ice cream outside because the temperatures were so hot and ice cream. Simple gifts from a sweet innocent child sharing his happiness on a Friday afternoon.

I came home after getting special double life lithium batteries, a new flash drive disk for premium storage of my images and video from the exhibit. We ordered 6 copies of my book of images and poetry to have on hand to share in the gallery and possible purchases. I put a roast in the oven and went downstairs to continue my work and let my oven do its magic!!! I need to complete some work on adding the final colors to a couple large collages and try to finish a few more pieces...I wish I could keep my energy up and stay healthy to get my work completed. On Monday we will install the quilts and hand over the pertinent information for each work and then hopefully have all the frames and works cleaned so we can hang them. I need to get back to work for now....stay safe in the wild storms outside and sleep like a baby. Thank you for listening and supporting my journey. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I Opened Myself

I Opened myself too wide. I forgot
there's more outside that things and animals
at ease with themselves, whose eyes reflect
the wholeness of their lives.
I forgot my habit of grasping every look
that fell on me: looks, opinions, scrutiny.

uncollected poems Rainer maria Rilke

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the transient nature of all things....

Today has been a mixed blessing with the early light of our day filled with sunshine after four days of rain. The mosses are moist and vibrant greens; the rusty treasures I am transforming with Mother Nature's warm spring rains and the blossoms of fresh and delicate purple irises dotting the hillside on my circle. Lovely... simply lovely brushstrokes from the hand of God and sweetly fragrant wisps on the morning breezes. I should be reminded to be still even in the heat of the oncoming deadlines. It is the attention to details that is what makes each collection of sacred marks give birth to a white somewhat cold gallery space. Recognizing and understanding of the impermanence of any location and proper placements is a haunting task yet like bringing a child into a life it takes patience and a steady perspective. I am very honored to be a guest in their space...this one's for my mother and for Howard...Howard LeFevre had a dream to unite the history, technology and the Arts of our community and to allow everyone to experience the personal story of living here in Licking County. I just realized I still need to create a canal scene and the importance of this waterway in commercial traffic and the development of our city's courthouse square. So many stories and so little time :O).

I have heard from the teachers I volunteered for at St. Francis for Days of Creation and Ken's staff over at Bexley Middle school and Capital University so hopefully if the creek doesn't rise and the weather remains calm we could have a family event that is free for everyone. I am working with my special antique buttons and sewing them on my already embroidered surfaces...more layers to add to the story and hopefully invite one to come closer for a intimate inspection. This is a peaceful process and when I am able to stop and be still with the process it seems to calm my nerves. I went to get a economic Walmart styling by a young mother named Lisa. We are both in the same financial situation except she does have a paying job. She shares her family, her schedules and summer plans to take her youngsters to the Ohio State Fair for their first concert to see "Heart". I smile when I see how important it is for her to give her children a memory and this is quite a sacrifice for the whole family to attend. Lisa is ready to have her children home for the summer but giggled when she said out loud that probably would not last long...the kids get bored rather easily and her paycheck has to cover the main events like food, shelter and clothing.

I am still wondering if I made the right decision about joining Facebook...there are so many consequences and responsibilities to take into consideration. I have been reunited with some dear friends from high school in Louisville, Kentucky. I am still missing my mother and her passing has proven to make a cut in the ties...I wondered if there would be anyone who still thought of or remembered me from back in 1968. Those years were monumental in our country's history and the passage of my early adult life. I made some bad choices and will admit I was ill prepared for what my lessons would be. Sexuality and commitments was not as permanent as I was led to believe and I regret hurting those I loved the most. The Vietnam War still haunts my dreams and my questions about our government and environmental issues even then caused disruption in my family circles. I have a sensitivity to the natural world in terms of simply belonging ...I dream of equality and harmony all these years later. Is that still so wrong? I must get back to my slow cloth handwork. Thank you all for listening and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

"All becoming has needed me.
My Looking ripens things
and they come toward me , to meet and be met."
The Book of Hours

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am still working...on a quilt...on artist statement....

"The tasks that been entrusted to us are often difficult. Almost everything that matters is difficult, and everything matters." Letters to a young poet 1903

Yesterday Ken and I had lunch with Lyn Logan Grimes my gallery curator and we will deliver the quilts on Friday and sort out a primary placement in the gallery. On Monday we will install the quilts with the framed works...well that sounds real good but I need to remember to just "breathe". We went over to pick up a small printing press but the bottom plate is missing so I will have to research a way to order another one or improvise with a piece of wood cut to size. This should really assist me when I get back to trying my collagraphs onto fabric. I am convinced you really need some type of press when you are working in a possible series with fabric images. I delivered postcards to another gallery, the tea room, and passed them out at our Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau Board meeting. Some of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts sometimes offer to put information our for their clients and visitors to learn what is going on in the county. Busy afternoon to say the least...whew this is work :O).

The rains continue here and the humidity is difficult for me to adjust to...the moist heaviness is making it difficult to breathe and today my dizziness has worsened for whatever reasons. I have joined Facebook even though I am not sure what the heck I am doing. Others swear by this social network but I need to give myself time to learn the lingo, the befriending, the event planning, political activities and classmate and old friends from school and undergraduate school. I will try it for a while ...if you have any advice or tricks of the trade please feel free to comment on how you make this social network work for you! I need to get back to my slow cloth works...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a time to rest and reflect....

The origami exhibit and educational director gives us a small tour....amazing work.
Karen Pollard and Clare Murray Adams
Gayle Pritchard helping us find Facebook for further information.

Susie Shie and Ken discussing my trip my trip to England ...ha ha ha :O).

A few People shots from the opening...

I have a few minutes before my board meeting at the Buckeye is a shame I cannot taste their delicious wares :O). Ken and I met with Lyn the curator for final plans to deliver the quilts to the gallery space and actually install the works on Monday. It will allow me to finish framing a few small works to add a little spice to the exhibit. Oh I am late late...for a very important date.... now breathe and recognize step at a time.

Here are a few photos from the opening...mostly people embracing people with love and laughter. Renewal in mind, body and spirit...what else do we need? Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Whoops i have done something wrong :O) so I will ask Ken what I did when he gets home from his classes at Capital....come on back this evening ...please.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Firelands Association for the Visual Arts...The Artist as Quiltmaker XIV

We are home safely from a wonderful celebration of Art quilts ... the 14Th biennial exhibition of contemporary quilts. The day was lovely as we drove up Route 13 to Oberlin through bucolic farms and fields full of lamas, Amish field horses and the springs herd of black Angus and Dairy cattle. The sun was reveling in a blue sky dotted with light fluffy white clouds. Ken and I enjoyed quiet conversation and music without the worry of an interruption with a phone call or something breaking down in the usual every day events of living in our home. Thank you Tina Marie and girls for babysitting for my little Rosie while we were gone for a short adventure. We made great time and arrived in time to have lunch in this sleepy little college town. As we walked into the restaurant I saw two dear friends I had not seen for over 20 years when I was living in Canton, Ohio. Karen Pollard has visited us when the girls were small and we had recently moved into our log home. Clare Murray was my first quilt teacher who had a small shop in walking distance from my small home on 25Th Street in Canton, Ohio. Clare was a wonderfully patient teacher but I had trouble following directions ...imagine that. Clare now lives in Southington, Oh and has remarried and known now as Clare Murray Adams. What a joy to be able to share this day with these two incredibly strong and inspirational women. I have been so blessed with women who stand by and support life's challenges through out thick and thin...over decades and distance.

I am attempting to share some of the diverse works selected for this exhibit and share the activities of the afternoon... the gracious staff of FAVA made us all feel a warm welcome as many artists traveled to attend this opening. We each received a DVD of this exhibit and instructions to order a printed catalog from Blurb...I am new to this publishing process but several other artists have used this publishing company with their individual catalogs and marketing brochures. I will wait until the final editing of this exhibit and then I will share my catalog with you and others who might be interested in the near future. If you would like to see some of the Sunday happenings you can go to or ; they had a special photographer documenting this sharing afternoon and gleeful embracements with Old Golden friends and meeting some pretty fabulous New Silver friends. I feel so honored to have been selected and exhibited with such prestigious and generous artists. The styles, the diversity, the large and the small...the exhibit was thrilling to view and to examine each sacred mark the artists shared in their individual works. If you get the chance to visit this exhibit will be up until July 30Th...please enjoy the gallery's surprises, gift shop, educational classrooms and summer programs as well as the relaxed and quiet little community of Oberlin. The Ginko Gallery is right down the city block and there are wonderful restaurants and coffee shops to explore...and even a bead shop!

I would like to publicly thank Gayle Pritchard as curator of this biennial exhibit and her dedication to composing a unified collection of narratives through over 40 artists sharing their visions and voices. Gayle worked very hard while she was preparing for her daughter's upcoming wedding in a couple of weeks in North words prove to be totally inadequate when I try to express my gratitude for allowing me to participate with such a wonderful experience. The juror Carolyn Mazloomi was unable to attend due to a previous commitment in Cincinnati for another Art quilt exhibit she had organized. This was my only disappointment because I keep missing meeting her in person...we share a mutual friend D. Bill Harris PhD. who shared our home when he was finishing his studies here at Ohio State University. Maybe next time...:O)!

After the closing of this exhibit several artists gathered at a local Italian restaurant to kick back and relax with one another at Presti's family owned restaurant. The time went by way too quickly and my heart was filled with appreciation for artists who share my passion for making their voice visible in an ever changing global art community. I wish I could have been at both ends of the dining room table...the vitality and vibrancy radiated throughout the room. The conversations were exciting and enlightening and to be able to hear the individual stories and inspirations just added Grace to making our Art statements in colorful fabrics and threads. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart