Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the ground has been turned and the seed's gifts await the warm rains coming....

I have dusted off my green porcelain seed box with the hope to bring a variety of color outside my back door. I can close my eyes over my morning cup of coffee to listen to the birds announce the new gift of the day. I am getting back to writing with my pen in hand into a book that can very well travel where my heart leads. The journals are in my car, on the dining room table, in my studio and by my bedside. They come in all sizes and seem to help me focus on the task at hand. I am reviewing the steps for different fiber reactive dyes in the next week or so. I need to begin the blues/ aquas and mystical greens for my Great Barrier Reef woman in the water. I have forgotten so much...use it or lose it. "Ripples of thoughts coming home to renew my colors.
I am suppose to be using my junk mail for the month of May to depict a narrative work...of some kind...I am still cooking ideas on the back burner. I also spent about two hours sorting, cleaning, separating the mother of pearl buttons that I received two weeks ago from two good supporters of the arts. I plan on using them on my works and for some reason I find this work meditative and soothing ...especially if I have some good music in the background.
I picked up the girls after school and Maya stayed for her drama club rehearsal for next week's play about standing up to Bullying. This after school program is a precious gift for the students who happen to love the theater and are sometimes very shy students. We will all be there to cheer her on next Tuesday as well as doing her make-up...she sports a black eye in this production. I am at Miller Elementary in the morning to share some of my works and hanging Jessica Phellp's photographs in the Central gallery on second street for the final Friday's Art walk in downtown Newark on Friday 29th.
I did quilt for a couple of hours tonight as I am finishing up the final third of the quilt surface woohoo! ...then I can add my mother of pearl embellishments and fine silk threads. The day ends up being a whole day of living in the Arts...thinking, making concepts, research, sorting materials and making preparations for the next unveiling of my mind's and heart's desires. Have a great evening and tomorrow get busy! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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