Tuesday, June 30, 2009

additional photos to enjoy

quiet time with a dear friend...revisiting the LCA June exhibit 2009

I met a dear friend today for lunch and we shared quiet intimate conversations in the cool air conditioning and were not uncomfortable with silent pauses in our dialogue. Summer pleasures are often simple and yet so vital for a sense of renewal to help an artist continue to cherish and nurture our Focus. Gail shared an incredible collection of vintage postcards and beautiful hand written envelopes with stamps from another time. Her family stayed connected with these simple postcards that traveled across the country to send information of passages and new arrivals all for the cost of one cent! I fell in love with the screen printed colors and designs of these small works of art and historical dates since the early 1900's. It was foreboding to read messages from Honolulu in 1937 through 1940. In a brief examination... my brain was already sorting and arranging by decade or location or world event. I know I will spend hours scanning these precious gifts to incorporate into some of my own fiber journals. I also received a delicate silk sarong to incorporate in my ensemble for my working women ... I could never wear this small clothing item but will totally enjoy working with this delicate fabric!

After our lunch we spent an hour visiting Le Fevre Gallery at OSU to study the LCA June exhibit for 2009. At the opening with all the excitement I never feel that I can really SEE the works of my friends newest works and appreciate the diversity of my hometown art community. I will try to describe and name some of the pieces but there is no way to cover all the pieces in this small gallery. The best of the show was created by a newer artist (at least to me since I am not in the gallery every day) named Walter Weyrauch and his painting "Cabbage Slicer" ...I also feel in love with his painting "Dutch Lane Winter". His photo realism and detailed brushstrokes enhanced his compositions with layers of almost melodic color play on his canvas. Be sure to spend some time when you return to the gallery for a closer look of his style and intimacy. Emily Talbott has an incredible collage "Tribute to Gees Bend" and as she grows as an artist I am enriched by her depth in perception with these scraps of paper narratives that speak softly but tell the story in a bold voice of accomplishment. Tony Reynold's Curly Maple Table stood and held court in the center of the gallery but I was totally surprised by the omission of his new wood turned vessel names "Rebirth" . (Every one has a right to their own opinion) Marilyn Stocker's "Send in the Clowns" demonstrates her skill as a Master artist and well deserved dedication to her growth as an artist. The honorable mentions were Melissa Winters doe "Assemblage", my dear intern who now stands alone as a CCAD student Bethany Craig's self portrait, Earl Duck's "Pennsylvania Station" completed in oils (and I am amazed it has not sold yet); James Hatfield drawing "turtle" and Jennifer Nobles intimate photo of "Sweet Summer Corn". Bravo to all the artists who won and shine like the stars they are. Everything comes from the work!

We stepped outside to be caressed by a almost perfect summer's day breezes and I enjoyed the blush of colors outside the gallery in their garden. I came home with a serene sense of well being and again I say everything comes from the work!!! I went to Good Will and made a few selections to add to my art stash and worked on my rusting process...this takes patience and I want to play with transfers and inks ...layers and layers ...process is the journey. Tomorrow I will share a couple more of the members who created wonderful processes. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday, June 29, 2009

Canadian fiber/mixed media artists...TAP...Lutradur....and ProChemical

I feel that I have been in a chemistry class for the last 48 hours; there is so much to remember and prepare for as I prepare my fabrics for the individual dye process for my next large projects. I am exploring some new transfer processes that I have never tried before and I am anxious for the new supplies to arrive in my big black mailbox asap. Lesley Riley has encouraged me as well as Susan Sorrel from Creative Awakenings. Money is tight so I will have to plow through on my own even though I would love to attend their workshops in Michigan in September. I ordered a new fabric to experiment with and Pro Chemical is assisting me in making do with what I already have. I have some rust projects going...slowly it seems but I have plenty of time. I need to refresh my mixed up brain waves and reread my Ann Johnston's book on dyes and also perform my miracles with very small batches in canning jars. Lord do not abandon me now...I have scrambled eggs in my coiled brain lately.

"With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of Joy, we can see into the life of things." William Wadsworth I went on Amazon and ordered all three of Lesley's books and hopefully they will be here to study after the fourth celebrations. I bought a 2010 datebook today in pinks and browns...its a girl thing I suppose. But as the time flies by I need to put down my lesson plans to get this huge commitment completed. I am also working on fabric postcards for a friend's new exhibit and need to finish them soon so I have time to play with embellishments and found objects. I picked up a new Somerset publication about artists who make Art Quilts and their individual studios. Do you feel that I have collected enough inspirations lately? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Be true to yourself...always

Jane Austen wrote" We all have a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person". Some how these words were comforting after self doubt and a loss filled my soul with the nonacceptance, rejected or denied notice in the mail. Today I realize with rest and a little time to catch up on priorities Jane Austen's words soothe the savage beast. I went back to work and that is the magic four letter word. Everything comes from the work! I heard these words today from an artist who I have admired for the years.

I participated in another web cam hour with the mixed media artists around the globe, a wonderful artist: Lesley Riley. We had a rough start due to technical difficulties I really didn't understand but patience is a virtue and today it paid off. Lesley Riley has written three books and is beginning the negotiation for her fourth. I love and I am sure you have reviewed her 2006 book Quilted Memories. Her fragments explore journals, quilt making, and creating keepsakes in fiber. She has a child like approach; playful and a discovery journey employing your images, photos and possible drawings. Learning to see, exercises, examples and wonderful thought provoking quotes to inspire the artist to reach inside themselves and believe in yourself. We spoke briefly about the actual getting started and making room for making Art every day. Her visual journals excite the viewers and remind us to remember in our collecting our evidence to create our personal mementos. Shared creative influences and photographs and exciting colors all were universal inspirations if we give ourselves the time to make our sacred marks. Lesley informed everyone about artistic transfer materials ATP and a material called Lutradur for an improved photo image transfer that can be used on all kinds of materials. As soon as I was completed with the conference I ordered new books and the new materials . They may be familiar for some of you out there but to me they sounded like a wonderful new art material. I even won a prize in a silly contest but all the more reason to be thrilled about employing some of her advice and techniques in my on going work for my meaningful exhibit new Spring.

I began making my rustful pieces this afternoon and will know more tomorrow how successful I have been and already found another source of rust transfer to try.

A dear friend brought me a new day lily to plant outside my backdoor and hopefully protect from my nightly visitors ...my ever growing herd of Ohio White tail deer. Thank you Vicki for your kindness and consideration...I love my friendship perennials I have gathered over the last 23 years. I have smaller tick seed to put into my limited borders and a beautiful promise of color to greet my new morning start. I need to go to continue my quilt as she slowly reveals her own spirit with one stitch at a time! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Seeing is believing...or is it?

I attended the June exhibit and touched base with a few excited friends as they were celebrating their joyful experience. Congratulations to all ! I picked up my non-accepted work and was dumbfounded by the condition the new golden frame I had bought special for this exhibit. All four sides had scratch marks and one deep gouge on a once pristine surface on my frame; Marilyn asked me to forward my questions about how this could even be possible if it was never installed in the gallery exhibit. I then walked down the hall and one young artist was in tears that she had received gruff critique when she picked up her works. I glanced around the room and saw some incredible works that were not even in the show...one lady asked to buy my work but I had already promised it to another. Jack Richardson and I discussed how we had seen many of these works in the gallery or in the LCA previous exhibits. Maybe the committee might want to level the playing field by re-evaluating how old the works submitted should be? Are we judging the art works or the mattes inside the frames? Maybe guidelines should be presented in the future to clarify exactly what a juror may grade your art pieces. I know I have been rejected, non-accepted and totally denied by the best of the best, and, yet, the next time I entered the work I may have been awarded a recognition or prize. Oh well, I went to support and celebrate the hard work of all my LCA artists. Just keep one foot in front of another and believe in what you do. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Thursday, June 25, 2009

technology and social networking...making a choice to be connected

I attended my third web cam broadcast with Ohio Art Presenters Network and 12 wonderful people interested in making the very best connections on a very cost effective and financially strained art supporting economy. Jerry Yoshitomi and Christy Farnbauch outline ten things we need to have on our home page to demonstrate the needs, causes and results we aspire to when we support the arts. The need to simplify and document who, what, when and where the funds go in supporting and photographs with the personal stories that relay a third party endorsement for fund raising in very difficult times. We were shown several diagrams that simply express the framework for SUCCESS and comparisons of networking with these evolving social networks. Personalize and segregate your email lists to fit individual needs and wants of your patrons. We had a five segment diagram of a donor model and the example given was how the Philadelphia Orchestra customizes the same program/music for individual audiences. This inspires more action and participation by fans who will hopefully join in on online conversations around your mission and programs. Fan participation and feedback is something I will work to add to my small baby steps in social online networking. Face book may be something I investigate in the near future and even look into Twitter as a third concise manner to stay connected with my connections with my blog and AQN and select project circles...I am still learning with each new blog and website I hear from in this ever growing circle of like minded individuals. Trust me staying on the pulse of "networking" is a wee bit overwhelming but I am finding others who are willing to assist me in this journey. For those who stop by once in a while on my blog I do attempt to show the personal and authentic; the good and the bad; the risks I am willing to share with others. My comments may be few and in between but more readers are comfortable with personal emails to ask questions or make suggestions. I still only want to spend one hour on the computer and the rest of the 23 hours in a day experiencing and living in the present moment. Thank you for your patience and support. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

exploring the resources available (for now) in our library

Tonight I had the honor to share my passion for quilting "outside the lines" with about 20 intent viewers and listeners. The library had three programs going tonight for free...Russell Merritt was demonstrating drawing, I gave a lecture and power point in the children's room (perfect for me) and a third group was gathering on the second floor. Recent recommendations cutting the library resources by 50% have threatened the gift of having a free public library for everyone...where will our youth end up? How can the unemployed find public use of computers for job searches? Will heaven forbid, the doors be forced to close at least part of the time? Life is very uncertain for so many opportunities that I took advantage of as a young child. Be sure that your voice is heard and write Governor Strickland and tell him how you appreciate the communal opportunities the Newark library offers families living behind the eight ball.
We worked together on a small travel journal today and Maya is just itching to make her first collage. I did take them to the pool for two hours and I can already see improvement i confidence and endurance in both girls. I am not too sure those "floatie devices" do not hinder real progress in mastering the art of a good strong swimming stroke and treading water when one tires. Baby steps and each day brings a step up to overwhelming a fear of water. Maya swam her two laps today with a real sense of accomplishment. If it rains tomorrow we will work on "painting" reflective water and continue working on their wooden paper dolls that are really quite sparkly and bright. I am so tired from this busy day but will catch up tomorrow. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Thank you Ken and Maya for helping me tonight with my presentation. You two are awesome and I am so grateful to have you working along side me....what a pleasure!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

simple gifts...a splash away with Maya and Sabrina...

I received my rejection card today in the mail and for a moment I felt a pang of sadness until I remembered I created this autobiographical work while my grand daughter Maya asked a million questions about visiting a city like Paris when I do not speak very much ...mostly no French. "Journaling" with mementos and tidbits of revisited writings in my journal and layering layer on top of layers until there is very little obvious recognizable landmarks for a viewer to decipher. And I also know I had sold a previous collage the week before for a couple of hundred of dollars for the Midland's 2009 Ovation Art auction. Que cera cera ...life goes on and we just keep one foot in front of another and make what makes us happy.
I stopped by the Newark Library to run a dry run with Babette for tomorrow's outreach free lecture "My Heart's Journey in Fiber" for our community. With the announcements on last Friday of the 50% financial cuts for public libraries I often wonder if kids could vote would they (The Politicians) realize that the library is a safe fun filled environment for all ages to come together and in this economic down swing maybe the only outing may be to the library.
I then stopped by the LCA to leave a flyer and picked up a couple of our beautiful directories to give to Mike Morris at the Midland and drop one off at my dentist's office. Tony and Andi were setting up shop and getting ready for Final Fridays and the LCA exhibit on Saturday. Energy ripples more energy as the summer warms up the air and humidity.
My first lily bloomed today...at least my "pet deer" have not eaten them yet. The glory of recognizing the metaphor of living in the moment...a day lily...only lasts for one day. The grace and dignity expressed in the bloom of a flower re-energizes the spirits in the garden. I did do some work today but not too much to be honest...I bought a family membership for a small pool to help the girls get a little more familiar with the power of water and swimming lessons from Grandma. I went in with a long sleeve cotton shirt, big brim straw hat, UV sunglasses and 50 sunblock into the pool so I would be able to be with Maya and Sabrina. The other times I stayed under the umbrella and completely covered up. What a sight??? Oh well they had a great time and so did I.. continue to enjoy the gifts of summer. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday, June 22, 2009

*June 1967...where were you?

Today I was enjoying a blast from the past...The Monterey Pop Festival in California on the Sundance channel documentary. That summer I was working my life guard job at Sun Valley with my first crush on the pro shop manager. Today I relived the Mams and the Papas, Janis Joplin, The Who breaking up their guitars...still I ask myself Why?, Simon and Garfunkel, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix... they all looked so young because they were young. Today they don't appear to be that radical with their long hair and flowers painted on their faces smoking pot openly in a field. I was so naive myself and realize now I totally did not understand the meaning of these rock stars and their lyrics. Catholic school had already done a number on me and guilt ruled my focus. Good girls don't get involved in this free love movement... at least not until much later in my life.
The girls and I had a quiet Monday where they worked with gel pens to complete funky contemporary wooden/paper dolls. I was amazed at their quiet focus and I know I have to get back to my works but today was a lazy hazy day and we have already made plans to have a swimming afternoon tomorrow. They attempted to pick the last of the cherries of this season but to be honest I really don't mind letting the birds have their summer feast. As we were finishing the young buck with the velvet antlers came out of the shadows of the green refuge in the full trees. I could not get a photo because he is wise enough not to put himself out in the open and possible danger zones. We were all in awe of his young majestic being and spirit as he slowly withdrew from our sight on the side hill of our cabin. Simple gifts...simplicity...serenity all just outside my back door. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sunday, June 21, 2009

my prayer for the fathers in my life...

My life has been blessed by the ones we know as Fathers. My Father; James Barry was a persistent determined man who overcame a lifetime of physical issues and pain and yet he often worked two jobs to support the six of us and provide everything we might need as we grew into individuals who create a better world because of our Father. Lord knows he was not a perfect man and growing up in the 60's with six children, was a crazy time with division in values and opinions. After 30 years with Dupont he and my mother began a second childhood where they bought a motor home and set off to discover America and Canada. I was completely overwhelmed when he made this purchase but I looked forward to their traveling "phone call" journals as they discovered a second ongoing honeymoon. I miss him every day and feel he is guiding me as I experience my 50's and into my 60's. I love Dad and plan to carry you with me until I move on from this earthly home.
This morning I took two of my favorite men out for Father's Day breakfast...Ken and Mr. Don. No neither one of them is my father but they have modeled without words how to be a better parent and grow as a grand parent. The sun filled the room with a radiance that you could almost touch as we gather in communion of friendship. Ken guides and helps me to be all I can be and give back to my family, my community and my world. Don at 84 is like a very special godfather who loves me enough to tell me when he sees me out of line. I don't agree with these men even half of the time but I know with respect and understanding we can all support one another as we move into our next chapter of our lives. Living in a state of grace is an optimum focus and goal for everyone and with a loving hand we can continue to make our sacred marks in the Art world.
This afternoon we spent time over a Mexican Taco Fiesta with Erin and Chance in their new home...oh so close to our home at least for now. The children spark us with new energies as we share time over a wonderful meal, checking out the garden on the side of the house, swinging way too high for Grandma and feeding Baby Morgan her first strained peas. Simple gifts but oh so incredibly priceless. (Morgan did not really like the peas but she valiantly smiled up to me as she tried them ...these green squishy vegetables.) Dessert was a summer favorite for all of us...fresh strawberries with Cool whip and angel food cake! The family room floor was the center of our family stage as we took turns wrestling, reading, practicing my putting with Cole, and just loving and appreciating the gifts of our families united in Love.
Today was as close as a perfect Solstice day; the first day of Summer 2009 and I realize I didn't need to see Stonehenge...there were miracles right before my eyes. Happy Father's Day to all the men I love and miss...my four brothers. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stonehenge on my mind....mystical. spiritual or scientific

Tomorrow is the Summer's solstice and we will welcome the beginning of our beloved Summer. Anything is possible as we embrace the warmth and promises of what Summer may bring to us. I have always dreamed of visiting Stonehenge on this sacred day when we begin the longest day in our summer celebration. I know very little about Druids or Wiccans so to speak but rituals like this have always intrigued my sense of adventure and wonder...what if? If an outsiders would look into Catholicism there would be many concerns and questions. Maybe next year I can try to plan a short car trip to Fort Ancient near Oregonia in southwestern Ohio. Historians believe that over 2000 years ago ancient indigenous tribes met to celebrate with other tribes when they built the mounds and walls in Warren county. At times I feel our more civilized educated members of our society have ignored or forgotten the spiritual aspects and gifts when we live on our planet and Mother: Earth. Little by little I am being invited to educate myself and continue the ancient histories reflected here in Ohio. Even with all the cuts in tourism because of financial deficits there is a renewed interest in a travel by car to discover the secrets of the Adena and Hopewell tribes and the mysteries of the remaining mounds. I have researched this travel program and hope in the Fall when Nature's trees are at their glorious winds of expanding color and take some quiet time for reflection and seek serenity from sacred ground. Happy Solstice Day to all earthlings!
Tomorrow is also a day when we remember our Fathers on Father's Day. I miss my Dad and my Mother on these holidays and try to help the girls make something special for their hard working parents. It is the most difficult job you can ask to have being a parent and yet somehow when you are young the families surround and support the yearlings. Taking time to spend with one another is the most important memory you can give and share and it does not cost one cent. I have had my own tumultuous events with my children and yet every day I am grateful for what they have given to me. The memories that last are the simple everyday rituals and meals shared . Today the girls and I wrote down 4 new enticing recipes to try next week here at Grandma's kitchen...every time you learn something new you receive a new wrinkle in your brain. (That will work for me and my bruised brain tissue!) Now this is a way I can enjoy four new wrinkles. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, by the way, here are our "designer" bags!

We had a great time!!!

child's play...a secret of enjoying making a wonderful mess...

I finished a childlike work for our June juried show and delivered it in a golden frame with 10 minutes to spare...Nothing like making the most of the day. We finished the four canvas beach bags for the vacation to the ocean on July first. Then I continued my play approach to remembering a time when I walked the streets of they city of lights...my beloved Paris. Maya watched as I applied layers of glazes, images, colors and stitched an Eiffel Tower and applied a favorite photo of Vita and Angela and myself...we took this photo in one of those photo booths inside the entry in the Metro station. I wrote hidden messages in the layers but I doubt seriously anyone will really find too many of them. We were under a tornado warning just North of Newark so I decided to wait until the big weather blew over. Melissa Winters was there with her beautiful mother...her children will be there for the opening. Emily Talbott was also bringing her three entries with her son's assistance and the entries were a fabulous diverse selections...I know the juror will be working diligently to put together another great exhibit for next Saturday's opening.
The girls and I are watching "Narnia" as we settle in for the night. Tomorrow I am making an Angel Baby Choir collage to welcome a friend's newest triplet grand daughters and everyone is doing just fine. There are miracles happening every day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday with the Artie girls...

I met with Tiffany Aumann today for lunch along with my girls...I soon realized they (my grand daughters) do not "share" me very well with others. Chris Lang was having lunch at Skip's and we all collected ourselves and shared a quick bite. Tiffany is busy with her interviews for our Advocate...which I agreed to try a subscription once again after many missing newspapers. Chris shared how they were working on their home with new sidewalks...she never wants to move again because of all the work they have put into their home. We shared the passing of a year since our dear friend died from breast cancer and Maya asked me questions I could not answer...why do we lose a 42 year old mother? Skip's Deli was busy with art camps and business luncheons and it was almost like old times. As I drove past the new location to show the girls I felt that pang of disconnect; life goes on and change is inevitable but I really loved seeing my people every week and making personal connections with our community. Life changes and I have to accept and move on. I do think I have because when talking with Tiffany she asked me how I ever did my work before now? This week has been full and next week after the summer school program we are headed over to COSI to take in the second part of the Egyptian summer in Columbus! I am as excited as the girls to see the next chapter through a scientist/artist eyes.
I am still working on an idea to finish a piece for tomorrow intake...but if I don't feel that it is of value I can always enter next year. I am interested in the Postcard exhibit with Willa and Stephanie...maybe because of the intimacies in small works and a good memory of the student exhibit I was privileged to see when I was in London a few years back. The freedom and the mystery of maybe a not so recognizable technique or style made it a refreshing pause for the artists eyes to rest and discover. I am so tired but I realize I am giving the girls memories and to be honest I am getting spoiled by the "rush" they express when we play with a new process...today we almost finished our Beach bags for their upcoming vacation to South Carolina. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a quiet rainy afternoon...

was a quiet rainy afternoon
aboard a silent Lady of the Lake
waves lapped the pontoon's sides
serenity flooded my entire body and soul
the soft rocking motion soothed my being as I escaped any worry or concern
I attempted to concentrate on the words that were encircling my head
yet I flew with the blue heron on my left side of the boat..a graceful dance on the horizon
I marveled at the gentle movements of a flock of young geese in a synchronized swimming pattern
I witness the protective powers of beautiful swans guarding their young flock of soft fuzz
lily pads floated with their iridescence refracting the colors of the blue sky
the quiet enveloped my being floating on the rhapsody of the soft undulating waves
the history of the families and landmarks connected with an emotional thread
the days gone by and renewal in today's landmarks and growth
remember to mind the bounty of Nature's beauty and silence and resilience
the silent beauty of Nature nestled at the end of the road
a community cove of making and cherishing the oneness in Peace
a return to the birth in the waters
a birth of spirits
a birth of the human soul.
Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

The Queen of Buckeye Lake II

Today I picked up the girls and we had a quick lunch and then headed over to pick up a special swimsuit, goggles and beach towel for Miss Sabrina. After much consideration she decided on the Speedo style that is reversible...pink/white/black on one side and the other side is mostly black with pink trim. I think she was happy but shopping can wear me out quickly.
After I dropped the girls off with their mother and headed down to Buckeye Lake for a special meeting with the Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Jamie promised us a treat with a ride on the pontoon boat "The Queen of the Lake II". The meeting covered some important considerations for our state to make...mostly financial in a very tough economy. The Babe Ruth series for 2010 needs a fairy godmother, should we allow outsiders bring in their casinos for mostly minimum wage positions, and the upcoming Morpar car event that is already sold out. We all need to remember we are all advocates for tourism in our county and the benefits will repay and renew our future adventures. Licking county will be working with an educational outreach "Promoting the Ancient Ohio Trail" which makes perfect sense to me because we have something here that no one else has to offer. Our LCCVB is working incredibly hard with industry insight, visibility, legislative representation as well as opportunities for networking , professional development with leadership and recognition. We will all grow and have a wealth of opportunities for our families. Thank you to the whole staff as we continue our quest for an improved lifestyle for everyone. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday, June 15, 2009

A real summer vacation...

I have been so busy in the past I have failed to understand how "summer" is celebrated. I picked up the girls after their morning summer school reading program and "they got to ride a big yellow bus!" We met with about 20 or so other parents at McDonald's for a quick lunch and then we were on a quest to find just the right bathing suit for South Carolina! Maya went with me and we made our selection and Sabrina went with Grandpa for her private Battleship tournament...the game I have is 39 years old; back from when I started teaching and it comes in handy now for the grandchildren. When we arrived back to the house we had a quick Fashion show and then the girls discovered their own art table on the front porch. They sketched with water color pencils and sipped iced tea and listened to the newest baby Carolina Wrens. I went in for a short little nap/lay down while they created a time of their own and were making portraits. We made a healthy snack, made packing plans, thought about beach bag designs for each child and before we knew it we were headed home to see their parents. Tomorrow I will spend the afternoon with Sabrina to find the perfect suit and beach towels and goggles to match. Then I will drop them off and head to Buckeye Lake for for my meeting with LCCVB board and then head home to get some of my work done.
This is a special summer because they are all growing so quickly and I am slowing down in so many ways. I want to give them the time they deserve for their heart's desires and memories. Time is the only present...the real gift. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Art Affair In Granville at Bryn Du

This afternoon we attended the first Granville Art Affair and there were already over 500 persons registered in attendance when we arrived. The Polo field was filled with anticipation of this athletic collaboration between horse and rider. The weather was great but a wee bit humid. We searched out the tent with Kathy Anderson and Tony Reynolds and met up with several other patrons of the arts from the LCA. I also renewed a friendship from my past with Lisa Horkin and her husband Scott. I am not sure how many artists participated but 2D and 3D mixed media, acrylics and ink, clay, glass, fiber and loads of jewelry, leather, oils and other recycled Art. Photography was well represented as well as printmaking, water colors and wood contemporary arts. The only negative for me was the presence of portapots....I hate them and will pee my pants almost before I use one in total desperation. I missed seeing Todd and Melissa and their beautiful son but not without a valiant attempt to find them in the crowds. We ran into Sarah and Larry Doyle with their baby Bailey as they were heading out to get some lunch. All in all I was very impressed with this first time event and we could learn to register our visitors when they come down for the second Art Walk on August 1, 2009. Even though I will be out of town in South Carolina for a wedding I want to contribute to the every growing art energies in Licking County! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart