Friday, May 15, 2009

calling all angels....

Tina called as I was on my way out the door to get a five dollar haircut...yes you can sometimes still find a bargain so we can put our best foot forward. Instead I went to pick up the girls after school...Fridays are special because we go to get our caramel sundaes to celebrate the end of the week. It was a hot and humid day and melting ice cream with those you love is better than just about everything. We then went to Joanne's Fabric store to search for remnants at 50% off the clearance price. We decided on our cotton jewels to make our upcoming projects when school gets out in three weeks. The last stop was Michael's special sale with 25% off everything including clearance. We rejoiced to find a small projector to assist us in some of my images for the canvas collages, already half price and now I got an extra 25% off this price. We went up and down each aisle and the girls want to make a bear to dress for this summer. We can only imagine what outfits and designs they have planned. They each picked out a wooden doll to paint with their gel pens and then adorn with sparkle fireflies, angels, stars and butterflies. Making these plans lifts me as well as the girls as we make small steps to our collaborations.
Maya and I made homemade sauce for tonight's dinner and I assured her that it turned out better than I had expected. Cooking with those you love is an art all by itself and the proof is in eating a good dinner with fine foods with those you love. Grandpa showed Maya how he creates his world famous hot fudge sauce to pour over Bryer's vanilla ice cream complete with bananas, walnuts and lots of whipped cream. Manga!
The rains will re arrive sometime tonight but hopefully I will get to plant my zinnias and morning glories with my precious four o'clock seeds so they can bloom forward in a cascade of colors. "Something" ate my clematis bud or maybe one of my angels picked it on an impulse. I need to find my fertilizers to sprinkle and feed as I sow my hopes and wishes for cut flowers for my dining table. They will be so happy if these wishes grow forth to bloom and we can pass out favors of happiness.
My dear friend in New York; my and the world's special artist Seth reached a monumental landmark yesterday with his 100,000 comments/visits to his blog. Ken is amazed how many different people from all over the world are celebrating with joyful sounds and affirmations. The power to connect with others in this internet format is so tricky and definitely not an easy maneuver to accomplish. Seth you are my gift and we have never met in person. Our words, poems, photos and collaborations have proven to be thought provoking affirmations and inspirations to continue making our art. Not for a juried exhibit, not for a commission, not to make a sale ...even though these processes are all critical in the world of art, but inspirations to make it, share it and often give it away. I have everything I need in this world. This is my heart's journey and thank you Seth for all your support. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I am truly honored and humbled by your thoughts in this post and by your always thoughtful, kind, and generous comments and emails! Who would have thought that such strong relationships that occur in the art blogging community could exist without ever having met!!