Thursday, May 14, 2009

some days you are the windshield and others you are the BUG...

I found myself having a very quirky day where my electrical impulses were out of control and the gray rainy morning was no help at all. I have been researching Judith Scott and her works in the fiber world. She is an incredible inspiration to us all and knew almost instinctively how to gently integrate objects, ideas and prayers that do not seem to be related. A small quiet women who was imprisoned in a mental institution unjustly but still managed to nurture her inner white light of creativity. It appears that she did not need to have approval from others on her processes; but instead worked to honor her presence in this world and shared the gifts she gave so generously. I find inspiration from her steady dedication to the "what if" and I think of her often as I put one thread into my narrative. Without realizing it I am sharing a part of my soul for those who might want to see my most vulnerable existence; a moment in time is documented stitch by stitch...bead by bead. If I stop to look at the whole quilt landscape I might not have the courage to continue on but if I work a little every my moment of time...I can find the energy to journey on. I think this is one of the lessons I have learned and will continue to learn as I " renew and integrate" with other artists with an August; end of the summer processes shared globally.
I volunteered for Michelle today in the LCA gallery and then spent a couple of hours with Mary Thedos...just to visit and when I opened the apartment door to leave the sun was finally shining brilliantly. Simple gifts ...I so need to give and receive them.. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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