Wednesday, April 15, 2009

positive pause... my moment in time

Today is TAX day and a time where even the strong sometime get a little nervous about the situations in the world. We paid Federal. State, City, School taxes as well as our home owners insurance but I consider myself fortunate to have our country and my home. Ken made all the postal deposits and I decided we needed dinner alone tonight. It was Red Lobster and we had a nice dinner where Art and Irma's grand daughter Rachel waited on us and filled us in on two very special artists. No, we could have eaten at home but for some reason I wanted a quiet pause in the chaotic day of tea parties and ship pirates, news better left alone today. We enjoyed a nice dinner and enjoyed watching the couples around us in the dining room... generations united to face what today gave us and what tomorrow will share with us. I met with my commission person and we finalized a gift of love... my simple calligraphy and artistic guidance to create invitations in vellum and teal to celebrate an up coming wedding. The act of sharing with another who can use a helping hand takes my mind off my changes and losses and helps me to move forward in a different direction. I have everything I need and I have so much to give back.
I received the latest news with the beginning of the disintegration collaboration with 120 artists from all over and on May 1, 2009 we will all post our photographs and documentation and then click down the links on Seth's blog to check out our progress and final evidence. Hopefully with this connection, we will all be able to share our thoughts and energies that disintegration created in a positive force. Then we will all begin a new artwork incorporating our first project or elements from the process left out in the weather. Anew process gives birth to a new piece of work and its evidence of our commitment to exploring an unknown. The next big reveal will be 8/1/09 and I can hardly wait to see what comes next. Maybe a publication or an exhibit... the future is so exciting. I work in the LCA gallery tomorrow but hopefully I will complete my assemblages and cards tomorrow and deliver them on Friday or Saturday. Good night sweet friends! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Thanks for sharing this on your blog! May 1 and now August 1 are going to be such art-filled days!!