Sunday, April 5, 2009

a moment in time...knowing when you to pause...

Today ended up being a wee bit busier than I had planned but we made the rounds and reconnected with Don in his desire to "let go" in a smaller space, Ken continues gently downsizing and we delivered extra "childlike" bath towels and such to Tina and Ryan's as they prepare to get back to the school schedule. And finally wedding plans have now been made as I will have to miss the Art Walk this year because we will be down south in Charleston,SC for Amber and Mike's nuptials. I will continue to assist in the planning but there is always next year. April is blooming every where and the buds are popping through... that means we will probably get snow tonight. I checked on my disintegration project today and funny but it still looks the same to me. Of course, I did not open and examine my book but if we do get a little snow I want to made a photograph of the surrounding changes that are visible.
The metallic copper is quite beautiful to incorporate into my sky's composition. It is extremely fragile but with a slightly larger... yes I said larger stitch you can see the glimmer in the cloth. I have found some more mother of pearl embellishments to sew onto the images and I have completely sorted and separated into beautiful gift like packages. Touching mother of pearl is a cool and clean sensation that I have often taken for granted. I find it soothing and calming when I need to slow myself down and find a focus point for the mind's eye.
My friends from Ireland are coming to town for the Quilt Surface Design Symposium and we are making plans to do some barbeque's and Ohio side trips. For almost twenty years even with the distance we have managed to somehow stay connected. I am grateful for those artists who check in from time to time and not just to see how I am feeling. They want to share and know what I am working on and the possible collaborations continues. My friends in New Zealand understood better than I did when I could not get my collages to them in a timely manner...brain stuff, new babies and the loss of a friend. I am already working on backgrounds for next year's project and there is really no lost time or work...just an extension of process journeys. Entrepreneurs are always flexible and ready to go in a new direction. I hope you have had a profitable and productive weekend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart Check out TOMS shoes where they sell a pair of shoes and then give a needy shoeless child a pair of new shoes for Free!

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