Saturday, April 18, 2009

slight does not take much!

I attempted to type a quick response to my last 48 hours. The sunshine has been like a drug pulling my body and spirit to BE outside on my wild hillside. I have been studying the miracle when the earth gives birth to small green sprouts reaching for the sky. The earth is warming and the rains are nourishing the soil as I gently pull away the debris left from winter's path. Ken rakes the ground with all his might and I can almost feel the need for gentleness as I encourage the lilies and clematis as they come back to life with each new day's dawn. Needless to say both of us have success as the perennials resurrect for Spring of 2009. Michelle guided my soul with her quote that I shared earlier in the previous shortcut blog. I could feel myself coming back to myself with her gentle kind words...much like my lilies that will bloom for just one day at a time. I need to practice patience with my weakness and tremors of fear. I need to see and ignite my small light. Thank you Michelle.
Today I attended a workshop/demo with Nicholas Hill. He is a teacher, artist and mentor for so many artists that have crossed their paths in my own journey. Intaglio, mono-prints, chine-colle (spelling) were just a couple of his retro look and discussion of his past works, travels, and a multitude of influences. There were 12 in the class but I wish more could have been there to be inspired by this wonderful artist and his ever evolving narrative as an artist. Thank you Lynn for generously organizing these experiences for us to attend and digest and maybe re-evaluate our own influences. techniques and inspirations. I did take quite a few photos but I will have to process and select a couple of the very best examples he shared with the group. Thank you Nicholas for your genuine support of others and courageous dialogues about the last couple of decades of your portfolio.
I visited with Maya and Sabrina and Hannah as they were relaxing at home. Maya was reviewing for her Ohio Achievement tests that will begin next Monday and Wednesday. I can feel the stress in her back muscles as she assures me that she is ready but her eyes betray the fear of failure and not being at the top of her class. We read together and then went out to see her latest assemblage made from found objects, ferns and rocks mounted on a lost piece of wood. Her sacred marks speak so well to my heart's murmurs. Sabrina was engrossed in a movie/video and enjoying a quiet moment in her day. Hannah was completely engaged in making play dough foods, delicacies and too many cookies to even attempt to eat. All three were engaged in expression of themselves without external jurors/critics holding them back ...a gentle reminder to make your sacred marks like a child...totally engaged without fear.
I watched "Grey Gardens" tonight while I quilted my continuing marks on my quilt. This haunting view into two lives of forgotten and very pained individuals who become invisible to those around them... mental illness and isolation are demonstrated in a poignant fashion. I will watch this special again...I am sure I have not digested all that was presented in this two hour film intimately portrayed by two incredible actors striving for authenticity. If you see this film let me know how you might have interpreted this film. I am going to blockbuster to retrieve the 1975 documentary that I vaguely remember seeing years ago. I am back to work for now. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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