Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April first 1990 until now...

I have just spent the last 90 minutes reconnecting with dear friends I met in 1990 and still making a bond that continues to grow in time. This week has been Art week at Grandma's and tomorrow I am headed over to Columbus to deliver a piece to the Best of Ohio 2009 and then off to the Columbus Museum of Art to sketch and soak up as much as possible the Egyptian Artifacts with Maya and Sabrina. They have been practicing in their very own sketch books... with different mediums and mark makings. They are pretty excited and so am I! Then we will have lunch and head over to Erin's to visit her little cubs and head to Blacklick for a Nature adventure. So far the weather has held out for us and even if there is a little inconvenience I doubt that I could convince them to do others. We have continued our Spring tees and are ready to add the final embellishments and tie dyed rick rack...their own choice. Friday we has the Works on our agenda and then bowling in the afternoon. Yes, I still have the headache but when I need to stop and completely stop Grandpa steps forward to help me until the meds sort of kick in to pain management. I want so badly to give them a week of my undivided attention and so far the mind and the heart are propelling me to do my most important artwork. Living, breathing and making art with those I love. Children never fail to amaze me with their inquisitive curious piercing eyes always on the search to add to my process... they are fascinated at my desire to recycle into a woman sculpture just for FUN! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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