Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cultural Arts of Licking County...a seed germinates

I attended a full committee meeting at the foundation building this afternoon and I want to commend the courageous members from Licking County who dedicate their energy to make the Arts a viable, living groundwork for making our community a more humane place to live and grow. The Final Friday Art Walks are blooming this Friday with galleries and theaters and restaurants all cooperating to prepare for a family event that will costs little to attend. This is quite an undertaking but it is happening. August 1, 2009 is the second anniversary of the Art Walk activities and once again the whole town has an opportunity to share and shine in pride for this growing collaboration. I will be attending my god-child's wedding in Charleston, SC but I have dedicated myself to work with and for others in preparation for this hometown hullabaloo. Unfortunately you can't always be in two places at one time but I think I have plans for 2010. CALC is a jewel where good people do good works together!
I read an other's blog survey last night and he had collected info from his survey about why people read blogs...good question don't you think? Time constraints are an obstacle in making comments for some readers. 2. Many times family members, non-artists are often persons who give zero comments but prefer to email directly to the writers. (So true for myself and my readers) 3. There were equal numbers of readers who read and then write to comment on a blogs main ideas/thoughts/processes. 4. Most bloggers agreed they love to read other blogs but do not leave comments and yet...they all agreed they love to receive feedback. 6. RSS...I did not know what this meant but it was about a Feed to re-address pertinent information. I guess if you are reading this you kind of understand my focus is about finding a serene dialogue with others who care. Art truly saves lives and my words seem totally inadequate in expressing my gratitude to those of you who support my life's journey in making my Art. Have a great evening. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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