Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursdays in the gallery...

I spent the day in the LCA gallery with Michelle and she is doing a fantastic job on the artist directory...strictly first class and so well executed in color and layouts. Thank you and Kathy Anderson for your wonderful dedication and perseverance through this enormous project. Andi Smith is beginning to help Michelle with the layout for the April deadline. Please do not let this deadline pass you by because it is a job that nurture and help all of us raise the bar in our developments as artists. Marilyn Stocker had an intriguing watercolor class where I learned all about the importance of arches watercolor papers and a very specific selection of sea salts from all over and the vast techniques and images produced. Then shapes were cut and a composition was given birth in a matter of a few playful minutes. Bravo to you are all doing so well in your progress.
I continued my "base" quilting before I started another water project. In all my running around I have gotten behind on my set schedule. I have to keep my focus to reach my deadlines. I am anxious to get to work with my copper threads and to begin my mother of pearl embellishments. I have found some wonderful colors to incorporate into the quilt but I have to remain patient, in due time to get the finish I am striving for. The metaphor is the whole process from start to finish. Kathy Anderson stopped by and gave me a neck manipulation that is helping me to break the stiff pain that I have been experiencing. The headache has forced me to sleep in inappropriate positions that only worsens the process. Thank you Kathy for your healing hands and touch...tomorrow is another and better day.
I went to Michael's to check for something to use my 50% off coupon on but I realize I need Ken's big car to pick up a large canvas. Maybe on Saturday we can this project completed. I then picked up Maya and Sabrina and shared a thank you note from the director of the Columbus Museum of Art...Nannette thanked us all for the support and kind words during last week's TV interview for channel 10. It does feel good to be appreciated...I was surprised that she remembered me because I do not get to see her very often. The girls and I are ready for bed ; we have a full day tomorrow with completing our yellow troll Spring tees! We also want to finish our cards and Easter wrapping! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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