Saturday, April 11, 2009

5000 Easter eggs hidden in plain sight...

Infirmary Park held an Easter egg hunt with 5000 Easter eggs and 1000 little ones with their parents and grandparents... all searching for the one special egg where a child could find $100.00 for hopefully their college fund. Needless to say it was all over in a matter of seconds and some were disappointed not to be the one lucky one. I know Maya Rose was so sure she would be the one to find it amidst the flurry of activity and stampede of wishful children. The sun was out and glorious but it was still windy and with the wind came a chill to the bone. Community outings like this are critical to keeping that connection between Nature and the next generations. Tomorrow we have a small family planned egg hunt where everyone is a winner. I have made their goody bags with cute...I think they are cute ...little angels Spring clothes plus the tees Maya and Sabrina made over their break last week. Ken is making his famous barbecue sauce for chicken, we will still have ham, potato salad, deviled eggs, pasta salad and many surprises to spoil our figures.
I ran some errands and came home for a little nap. The fresh air is great but I always revert back to my desire for a nap after a afternoon outdoors at the Park. I did park way out by the main road and I am sure that was more walking than I was planning on. I have made small Easter cards and will work on sorting my art papers tonight and just relax. Italy is on in the background and I do so want to make another pilgrimage back to this holy country. The landmarks and even the earth quake will not deter my "lust" and passion to go back for more. Perugia, Italy is where my god-daughter spent a semester abroad in college and I do still regret not flying over when she was there. Umbria is another destination in my heart as well as Sienna. I bought a new "blue" carry on suitcase for my trip to Tucson that was half price and I had an additional 30% off coupon. If you are interested in Italy just let me know...I am so sure we could dig out more information for an adventure in Art and the gifts from travel.
Ken worked on his school records and papers for Capital University. He will be teaching this summer as we are both attempting to get out from under my hospital bills. How dare me to even dream to take a trip anywhere? Well to bad because Life is for living and I find an inner strength when I reach out to the world's multitude voices and songs. We will see what happens.
My vision in my left eye was and is troublesome for me today and it is so frustrating when I am trying to quilt an even theme in my stitches. Please be patient with me because I know everything will return but in its own good time. I wish you all a healing renewal spirit with the celebration of Easter morning. Hug your loved ones and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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