Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peace by piece...a life's journey

When you find old letters and do you take a moment to remember the person who wrote the message and now we all share email...so what happens in the future? Maybe that is why I like marking marks a little everyday... it is evidence that I am still here and still a "thinking being". It is so easy to just check out of "feelings" by just doing the mundane scheduled parts/tasks of our lives. I do find comfort in doing and folding laundry... a menial labor that is evidence that I filled the time with something I need to do. It also allows me time to write an imaginary script or outline of what I would like to do "Today". I have always been a firm believer in "Standing still is essential for my journey". Sorting also is an introduction to my creative process and allows me to move at my own pace...no one to answer to but myself. I am the responsible one to answer to...even on a good day there is still a recognizable amount of fear present that I have to step over...to make my first mark. Finding old writings reminds me of where I was and maybe even where I dare to go right now. My work has always been little pieces assembled together by stitches, cloth, collage and a variety of assemblage techniques. Small reliquaries that are passages in my existence of almost six decades, time is the only gift! Imagine Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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