Tuesday, April 7, 2009

have you ever ...?

Have you ever printed an email just so that you could hold another's words in your own hands and feel a connection...an energy... a force that you would hope you could see them again in the near future? Last night I had a long over due phone call to a very dear artist friend and we realize we have been sacred sisters for over 23 years. We have traveled though the good times with our families and hit the lowest of lows when the inevitable happens. I know how much this woman has given to me so as of today I began packing a new blue carry on suitcase for a trip to the land of the mountains and Sun...Tucson, Arizona. Even we are separated by miles and even time she is the golden friend who understands me as well as my dear husband Ken. She stimulates and encourages me to stretch way out of my comfort zone to be and do the best I possibly I can. I love this woman and we will soon have a renewal and serene time together. Funny, but we actually met when I volunteered for making Valentine's with children on a Saturday with the LCA back in 1986 at Indian Mound Shopping mall. I know she is the one friend that you have in a lifetime that will love me no matter what happens. She tells me when I am wrong and supports me when I face my fear and believes in me when I share my doubts. She also loves to play with a child like abandon engaged in total process.
Yesterday I went on an adventure at the Robbins Hunter Museum over in Granville and finally got to meet their director Ann in person face to face. For about 90 minutes we had a walking tour through this Greek Revival restoration and heard the stories of the families, the canals and the History of this unique landmark. The octagon room is a sacred space where one could get married, a little girl could celebrate a princess birthday or an artist might be inspired to sketch from a window's view. We had a High Tea with individual tea bags where we could fill and blend a flavor to enjoy blueberry scones with creamy clotted cream. My mind drifted back to my Tea with my students in Toowoomba and the culinary students honored me with their very best pastries and tea. It was a cold and blustery day but sitting in that long room I felt for a moment that I was a Lady in a billowing dress made from silks and taffeta. Hopefully we will see tour buses arriving in Licking county to seek and find this landmark from History's past. I had been in an art exhibit over twenty years ago but the collaboration and volunteers have done a beautiful job sparking an interest and renewal in this wonderful Greek revival home.
Tonight I had another jewelry class with Abby Rice and we designed our pieces with a gleeful approach... the truth is you always get a surprise when they come back after the kiln has fired them. I met some new women and one of the participants was in Marilyn Stocker's watercolor class and Janet and I had fun putting different design elements together. I also got my last four pieces back and I can't wait to share my "Brain surgeon" pin on my lapel. Wooo Hooo! Art truly saves lives! Stay toasty and warm tonight... there were snow flurries when I drove home. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. "Have you ever printed an email just so that you could hold another's words in your own hands and feel a connection...an energy." You know Mary Helen, as wonderful as the internet is...there is nothing like holding something tangible to real get that connection!

  2. I need the touch of this sacred sister and Seth you are oh so correct in being able to hold something tangible and feel a human heart beat! Imagine Peace and Joy when we do get the opportunity to share the Tucson sunsets. Thank you for staying in touch. Mary Helen