Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what a glorious day...gratitude for simple gifts

Ken and I hung Don Gunnerson's retrospective exhibit today in about 4 hours but tomorrow I need to install 5 more paintings...50 for the total count. I think others may be surprised to see the variety of works of this architect/artist over the last five decades. What a glorious celebration of this man's life here on earth and we have all been blessed to have had him in our lives. Collages. watercolors mixed media, sculptural boxes and prints to love and hold. I gave this installation a great deal of thought and consideration in placement for the very best optimum location in this wonderful gallery space at Liz Argyle's Gallery in downtown Newark. The Final Friday walk is a collaboration of sincere pride for Licking county with downtown offering music, four different galleries and restaurants offering a light Spring dinner menu early in the evening and Travis Tritt performing at the Midland Theater at 8 o'clock. Who says there is nothing to do in Newark? They have got to kidding!
Ken and I then went over to see Juan Carlos Camacho's exquisite collection of watercolors over at The Works. Once again through the eyes of a architect we can witness the beautiful process this gentle man has created and shares with our community. I felt incredibly honored to be invited by Marcia and Jonathon Downes to share the dinner meal with Juan Carlos. This intimate dinner gave us both a inner intimacy in how this incredible Costa Rica artist composes and paints these wonderful scenes from his rich, lush homeland. I have a memory of this evening in my mind's eye and heart's song. Juan generous authenticity and vitality for living an artist life was inspirational and at times emotional. We all have our destinations and journeys in living but his Latino presence and dedication are indescribable. His brushstrokes onto the papers capture the spirit of the rain forests and mountain lifestyles with the guidance of a spiritual higher being. Thank you Marcia and Jon for sharing this gracious man for an evening of intimacy and Juan Carlos I so look forward to visiting your homeland as soon as possible. I am totally wiped out and ready for bed but my dreams will be vivid and full of Hope on the day we celebrate our Mother Earth! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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