Thursday, April 2, 2009

To live forever...Eygpt comes to the Columbus Museum of Art

This was our fourth day of Grandma's Art Week and we started out very early after breakfast. Maya and Sabrina began with a self portrait in pencil sketching and watercolor. Then we packed up our materials and sketch books to deliver my quilt to the Ohio Designer Craftsmen Museum for the Best of 2009. I feel so grateful and humbled to be part of this exhibit; one that I have neglected to enter in the last couple of years. The staff was busy beginning to pack up the wonderful and playful teapot exhibit. The girls were fascinated by all the different design elements in the closing day of the exhibit. But the biggest hit they enjoyed was the collection of enormous coffee cups... they assured me that one Big cup like this would get me through anything the day had to offer. Check out the pictures that Ken has added.
We then headed in anticipation to see the Columbus Museum of Art's "To Live Forever" Egyptian exhibit. We were all enthralled by the size of the artifacts and tried very heard to learn they metaphors and symbols used in their parchment and stone carvings. I may never get to the Pyramids but for a moment we were entering the funeral spaces of Kings and Queens. Someone was interviewing Nannette on camera and I thought it might be for educational uses. We continued our sketching of our favorite items and continued to move into the last two rooms. The last room had costumes and head pieces to wear and then be photographed in front of a very large photo background of the Pyramids. It sounds a little cheesy but I have to admit I loved dressing like a Nubian Queen. While we were changing into the second act when a TV reporter walked up and asked if she could interview us and how we felt about the CMA. Maya Rose made my heart proud when she began to express herself and her love of Art and making her own Art. Cara Connelly was the reporter and she and her team taped almost 10 minutes which was of course cut down to about 60 seconds! Who cares because we were all jazzed and excited about this unique engagement and our moment of exposure. We have a renewed membership where I can take 4 grand children to the museum any time we want. Summer here we come! The second part of this collaboration begins at COSI in May and we are already making plans to continue capturing our passport stamps and endorsements.
The final part of our day was a quick drive through at Culver's for hamburger specials for a very late lunch. Then we headed over to Erin's to rendezvous for a late afternoon of warm Spring play in Huber Park. toss and a variety of races in the breeze before they attacked the jungle gym and slides. I was a doting grandmother and enjoying some quiet time with Miss Morgan napping in her stroller. The final treat of the day was another trip to Culver's for waffle and cake ice cream cones, turtle sundae for Ken, vanilla cup for Cole and a large refreshing Iced Tea for me. Whew no wonder we all were sooooo tired! Have a great evening and find some time to reach out "time" with those you love. Be generous with your time for those you love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart...aka Nefertiti of Newark!

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