Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday ... in so many ways

Catholicism memories weave in and out of my mind on Good Friday. His only son died a terrible death on the cross to save us from damnation. The three o'clock prayer service on Good Friday as a child in a darkened church with all the saints draped in shrouds of deep purple filled me with utter fear and solemn sadness. Fear would cause my skin to prickle with an uneasiness with the knowledge of man's inhumanity to a gentle kind man. My last major Catholic holiday when my Mother was in relative good health was a midnight vigil mass on Holy Saturday at the cathedral in Louisville ,Kentucky and it seemed to last forever. Mom would begin to sway from standing for so long and Latin litanies and incense filling this sacred space but she refused to maybe leave early or at least sit down... now you know my secret to why I may be so stubborn. The art in Mass... ritual and ceremony with layers of symbolism and mystical presence runs through my narrative works that reveal much more than I have ever realized until now.
I spent the entire day with the girls and we finished our tees and watched different Disney movies while we pretended that was cold and rainy outside. The rain makes them crazier than I am used to but I am so blessed to have them close and nearby. I wish I could keep my energy up enough to keep up the pace with these two little ladies. I feel sad when I get "short" with them and have to raise my voice to get their attention. When we are engaged in an art process they behave so much better... but if I stop too soon all their pent up wiggles run awry. Tomorrow I need to set up a calligraphy project for a young couple who are engaged to be married. I want to give it a special hand touch so that when you open the envelope you know this is a special occasion for the whole family. The colors are vibrant and soothing at the same moment but when you actually write on the selected papers you transfer a positive energy.
Tonight Ken and I had a special dinner with two 83 year olds who have found each other late in their lives but I love watching them. The gentle closeness is expressed without requiring any further energy and yet it becomes a time of sacredness to be in their presence. We had a glorious meal complete with crab legs...Ken was a very happy man and ate like a King! Have a good night's rest because we have so much to do with tomorrow. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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