Monday, March 30, 2009

bar stool racing...right down the street

Only in Newark, Ohio can a man buy or design his very own bar stool racer. I personally do not know this man but I do admit to seeing him "driving" down Kelley Lane on his bar stool. Today all three major news channels covered his arrest for OVI...operating a vehicle while intoxicated! He some how wrecked his bar stool going 35 mph on Kelley after drinkng ...just 15 beers. He swears that alcohol had nothing to do with the actual road accident. I don't know about you but I first thought it was just one person's dream to drive his very own bar stool but tonight I have discovered this is a hidden racing event in Licking county. Do you think I need to notify Susan Fryer at the LCCVB of the new and upcoming hobby right in my very own neighborhood? Life never fails to amaze me... are there guardian angels of patron saints for bar stool racers? Smile and Good Night! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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