Wednesday, September 2, 2009

small miracles ...believe

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon and night taking care of my grand daughters and "keeping them in a normal state of mind". Ryan's Father is off life support and is able to talk and be awake for short periods of time. Miracles happen when we least expect them so do not stop believing.

I spent today with my eye specialist and we discussed the here and now and where I might have to go in a year...hopefully. He is a wonderful doctor and doing everything he can to help me hold onto my eyesight. My eyes were dilated so I needed down time before I could see normally. My eyes are very blue with very little pigment so the bright light can be harsh so I need to wear protective sun glasses whenever I am out now. I am sure others have had this type of blues are from my mother but I need to protect them.

Tomorrow I have to go to traffic/parking court for receiving a $15.00 ticket while the girls were in theater camp at the Midland Theater. (The Pied Piper) I know I was there in the early morning with Maya 's workshop and then we left for a couple hours to run errands and had lunch. When I came back to pick up Sabrina after her rehearsal we parked behind the theater for about 15 minutes and when we came out I have received my ticket. Now it is a small offense but I wanted to support my children in the arts and support businesses downtown Newark. I am sure this is a mistake and hopefully I can use my money wisely to support downtown and the local Arts. The tree hour limit is frustrating to say the least and I believe every thing will work out. Wish me luck!. I am back to work tonight so I am hoping you all enjoyed the beauty in the day today and the beautiful full moon outside my cabin. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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