Sunday, September 6, 2009

59 is least this is what my youngest brother said

I celebrated my 59th in bed with fresh coffee and CBS "Sunday Morning's 30th anniversary show". Thirty years of sun worship began in 1979 with Charles Kuralt and continues today with Charles Osgood...whoops his name has fled my brain for the moment. Today the artist Red Grooms invited us into his colorful studio and shared his child like abandon with bright exuberant colors. This Sunday morning ritual has been my manner of worship ritual with a true and amazing appreciation for the diversity, science and the whole gamut of the Arts. The fire dance began with the scientific explanation of how this enormous ball of Hydrogen gas has been around for five billion years and is 93 million miles away but still has an enormous influence on the earth for 365 days every year. Mystical Stone Henge demonstrates how centuries after it came into being there are still the dancers and worshipers still gather from around the globe to celebrate the Sun.The ancient Incas dedicated both scientific and religious fervor to show homage to the powers of the Sun. Solar radiation, sun spots gives us the aura borielus as a wonder in the night skies...and all this from a big ball of gas. This Sunday morning show focuses on the ordinary and often overlooked aspects in our lives. Today is 9/06/09 and my 59th birthday and the 30th year anniversary of Sunday Morning. Andrew Wyeth shared "you have to bleed in what you love to do when you make Art". And in the very next segment they discussed possibilities of cybernetic implants in our human brain to see beyond our own eye lenses. They ended the show with fields of waving sunflowers in the last of summer breezes I closed my eyes as my mind traveled to another time and I could see Vincent Van Gogh studying the intricacies of these valiant flowers.

We went to Bake and Brew to "have some pretty OK food" and a celebratory Greek omelet and hot coffee. I miss the staff who worked with me across from my gallery and most of them are now working here for my friend Dave. Renewal is a simple morning meal with people you love. I went to Skip's Horse farm to give him and his whole family a hug and just say Hello. Skip was hosting a huge Rotary cookout for all the families and he invited me to walk down to the next barn and see his newest family member...a mother and very young colt. What a joy to nuzzle up to a young and curious beauty. My heart was racing as I was allowed to be so close to this young family. Thank you Mr. Skip!

I then spent the last day at the pool with Maya, Sabrina and Hannah in a very cool spring fed pool. Snack foods and granola bars and peanut butter crackers plus tart lemonade to quench our thirst. The clear blue shies and fluffy white clouds were our celestial ceiling as we played and worshiped our love of the summer sun's rays. Multiple generations have been meeting here for the last couple of months and we shared our well wishes and hopes to be able to play once again next summer. Adios amigos...vaya con Dios!

We then returned the girls to their parents and I realized my daughter Tina had totally forgotten my special day. No big deal as long as we can be together so Ken and the girls went to pick up two pizzas and tiny little white cupcakes and ice cream. Simple pleasures and quiet fatigue as we drove home for a movie night and much needed rest after attempting to keep up with three active little girls. Somehow in that short amount of time ...a miscommunication...accusations and angry thoughts and words blasted my day apart as if I was going to be sick. My eyes burn and my throat is closed ...I just do not understand what actually happened after such a great afternoon. I apologize for not being able to talk on the phone when my brothers and my son-in-law and other dear friends who called to wish me well...I was emotionally spent. Tomorrow...hopefully clearer minds will prevail and truth will set me on a new course. I treasure Seth's poetry from earlier this week "I think each of us has but one heart, one soul, and one truth----an inner light that can melt the snow and warm the night. A fire to discover in the golden lights of the sun. And dreams that speak our gentle words in the noisy thoroughfares of our world." Thank you Seth for these words of kindness. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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