Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ohio Buckeyes vs. USC... a big event here in Ohio...

Yes, the official football season is now in effect and it is best to join them instead of fighting them. Erin and Chance are actually in the crowd at the Horse Shoe stadium with about 105,000 fans as crazed as they can be. Ken and I are old enough to enjoy the festivities on ESPN college football prime time here in our man cave and the pressure is on for this continued rivalry. It has been a good way for Ken to relax and celebrate his sugar coming down to the 120's. The whole Stewart family now has 7 members who are diabetic and Tyler Perry calls this transition "diabetical". The pills and exercise and diet have collaborated to bring his sugar down and hopefully his energy back...he has lost almost 10 pounds which he cannot afford to lose this much weight. It has been a week of difficult decisions and constant testing but hopefully we are on the right path now. We have a very caring family doctor ...for over 23 years and she has been on top of this event and we will take Diabetes classes at the hospital soon. Thank you Mary Beth Hall!!!

Amber and Michael were hit by a woman running a red light yesterday and were in the hospital until 4 am this morning. I was unsure when they sent her home and felt it was too soon. She was out talking to her neighbor this afternoon and passed out in their yard. The ambulance came and took her to a different hospital and once again they released her. I should have been there to ask no tell them to keep her for the night for close observation. Michael is supposed to wake her during the night...that is a lot of pressure for a new young husband to deal with. Michael's Infinity is totaled but the air bag saved his life as it exploded when the woman hit the driver's side of the car. Amber's injuries could have been so much worse but they both wear their seat belts faithfully. I want to call there but hopefully they are resting and getting through a very sore and painful night. Please send healing thoughts to these two wonderful people who have just begun their lives together... they have been married for about 6 weeks!

I have spent the day with needles in my hands working on my quilt and handwork for most of the afternoon. I am adding also to an ethnic woolen sweater that I love dearly but even though the tag says XL it was knitted in Nepal and their women are much shorter and smaller than big old American girls. I bought a September Vogue home from Walmart after I got my hair cut ...I am not able to spend or wear most of their fashions but I do so love studying the coming trends in Fall 09 and found a designer called ETERO... an Italian company I think and was quite impressed with the vintage looking fabrics and the rich earthly colors. As the weather shifts to another season I find myself drawn to working with my fibers and wools with my fingers and mind's eye. Working with my hands help to relieve the stress of waiting for news from Amber and the diagnosis of Ken's latest development. I sorted threads, cotton flosses and selected needles to match the threads. I can hardly wait to add my beads and bone embellishments but if I do it too soon I have a battle with external tangles of threads and beads.

Yesterday I joined an active blog movement of artists from around the world who are dedicated to peace here on our earthly global home. You can check it out at and discover an ongoing conversation on how individuals can work to promote equality and Peace for all. "in iPeace we believe in non violence period." I heard from a woman in the Netherlands today and a wildly interesting hippie biker man and his art works were quite impressive. I won't spend too much time...I say now ...but it is a very serene place to return to and find like minded souls who would like to let go of ego and help those who may be downtrodden. Go Bucks!!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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