Monday, September 28, 2009

make your week abundant....

The winds were up and roaring this morning and the man came with the finalized estimate for our new roof...YEAH! Decent young man and I know they did a great job for our neighbors so we are a go. Believe it or not Ken got out to play golf with his teacher buddies and came back chilly but in a great mood. He says the exercise is good for him. I had a Cultural Alliance of Licking County meeting so review the Art Walk in August...I was absent and in South Carolina so all the info was new for me. I do realize corporate sponsors are the way to go and make a proper marketing strategy but the economy is in a stumbling state and finances are looking bleak. This is strictly a volunteer operation and many hours of volunteers hitting the streets literally to make this special day work. I am willing to help Kathy Anderson with the artists requests and line-ups for next summer and the location is moving to a more visible location...tents on the square...possibly. There were a few persons willing and more experienced to investigate possibilities for improving the prospects for 2010.

I received my small payment for my participation in August's Artwalk and then spent it in the business that has hosted me for two years. "Just in Time Antique and Collectibles" owned and managed by Nancy and Tom La Banc and bought a few unique fibers and design elements to collaborate with my "whispers" exhibit. I employ the rusty fabrics that I am hoping to commit photo transfers to and my journal entries on top of....well that is the plan and I am sticking to it.

Tomorrow I will get some new photos of my treasures but my wish is to busy my hands with roving chain stitches in an ombre cotton flosses with incredible luscious colors. May you week be filled with abundance and share loving grace with those you love. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I see that floss! Do a few for me today, yes? Off to the Ortho....phooey!
    take care and good luck with the art walk.


  2. The new floss was enough to put my mind at rest and help me focus. 2010's Art walk is already in motion so the energy is flowing. I need to photograph my treasures tonight before I write...they are dandy and I can not wait to get busy. I did laundry, read past art magazines and made a big pot of turkey vegetable soup for this cool Fall day. I wish we were closer because I have enough to share. Imagine and Live in Peace, Art Saves Lives!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart