Saturday, September 26, 2009

Final Fridays...scarecrows...Kathy Anderson's opening and Goodnight Gracie

Friday was an incredibly busy and began with lunch with my daughter. We had a brief...too brief for both of us and shared the week's events and the gran children's escapades. I watched her cross the parking lot and saw what a lovely young woman she has grown to be. Like she will tell you we may not always agree on things but we do love one another. Thank you for my delicious lunch and time to be with you once again.

I began my volunteering at the Midland Theater with the opening of a one man show "goodnight Gracie". The life, laughter and love of these two incredible human beings: George Burns and Gracie Allen filled the room with laughter one moment and tears in the next. Their love story between an Irish Catholic young woman and a very industrious Jewish man made quite an impression on me and it was such a joy to be able to contribute to to the cherished treasure we are privileged to have in our own backyard. I loved the generations of loving couples in the audience as they held hands and chuckled through the performance. There was radiance in the room with the green velvet seats and the intimacy shared in this theater is one of those moments that has become a memory for my mind and heart. I look forward to my next opportunity to volunteer for this priceless establishment for joy, education and the theatrical arts here in our hometown Newark!

It was Final Fridays in downtown Newark also and the square was decorated with 20 individual scarecrows and even the horse drawn carriage ride was bestowed with the straw energies. The businesses were open late and all the galleries enjoyed the strolling crowds as people drifted in and out of establishments. Since April the community of the downtown association have worked incredibly hard to encourage everyone to discover the wonderful establishments to shop and be inspired on the courthouse square. Each month has a theme that encourages families to come on down and explore their own hometown. I am planning on working on a snowman to begin years (hopefully) of Snowman displays to help us all get into a real Holiday Spirit and purchase gifts for our loved ones from the businesses on the square. With the courthouse lighting celebration it seems that everything is progressing nicely!!! Bravo to our hard working NDA and the Licking County Cultural Alliance!

A very talented and hard working young woman Kathy Anderson had an opening night at the Argyle Gallery with some new impressive landscapes. The colors and brushstrokes have progressed and display a new mastery of her convictions. The local is familiar but her intensity and passion is shown in each intimate view of our life here in Licking county. You have truly inspired me to pick up my brushes again and place my heart's views out loud. Thank you for your dedication and support throughout the years.

I visited a dear friend Joyce Dupler this afternoon in the rehab unit. Yesterday I just learned she had suffered a stroke in her home and we spent the afternoon discussing the dedication she would need to keep and maintain her strength so she could return to her passion for the Arts, she has taught many of the watercolorists here in Licking County and her paintings are treasured and collected by many in the area. I met her daughter Dawn and her beloved Riley... her granddaughter as they came in later in the day and saw the smile come back to Joyce's eyes. Be strong and Brave so you can return to your dear friends who love you. (Plus we need to go down to see the LCA and Kathy's newest works at Argyles Gallery.)

I piddled around the house today and Ken enjoyed his Buckeyes 30-0 over Illinois...sorry Mr. Don; I think you both had a good time "talking the talk" during and after this game. I went to JoAnn's and got a new embroidery resource book that I am hoping to dive into tonight in order to expand my skills and tools on my fiber diaries and journals for next May exhibit. Have a restful weekend and tomorrow I am having a live chat with Pokey Bolton from Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors so I want to review her latest magazines so I can ask and learn from her generous spirit and years of experience. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a lovely and up beat post. I hope you are feeling better Mary. Sorry to have missed you and Mr. Ken Friday night.

  2. Lovely post and images, Mary Helen, both mental and on the blog! I also love seeing Kathy's landscapes, and it makes me itchy to get out the oil pastels.

  3. Beautiful landscapes---the poppies really grab me, simply because I love the plants so much and they don't do well in my soil here. They come and go as they please; I cannot coax them.
    Nice post! Plenty of mental visuals!!!