Wednesday, September 16, 2009

+Marshall Cole's first day at pre-school...

I have been running around today selecting and collecting vintage fibers that have a "herstory" of their own. I visited two Goodwills and the St.Vincent DePaul's for the afternoon and I think if they survive the washing and drying I am already planing how to make the assemblage and the compositional aspects of the different pieces. I went to Michael's and finally broke down and bought my very own bead spinner/battery operated so I can work some stringing design elements to the portraits of different women. I was tired and they were busy with customers... it is getting harder to find some fibers and laces because more and more people are shopping these stores for necessities and school clothes. I am on my "holy grail" quest and take my time to seek and collect the best...oh what FUN!

Today was Marshall Cole Spalding's very first day in his pre-school. From nine to one he is in his element with his newest buddies. He carried his lunch bag and wore his backpack and kissed his Mom and baby sister goodbye and entered the "big boy" world. When she picked him up and tried to ask about three questions about his stories and music but he answered "I am hungry and I am tired." He is always ready for a new adventure and has begun to express his ideas and interests in the face of new challenges each day. I am so proud of you little are an awesome miracle! We are both extremely proud of this little grandson but I suppose all grand parents feel the same about their precious gifts. Life is whirring by as I take in this breath of authentic living.

Ken has been off a little today and needed extra sleep to ease through the day. I went to the grocery and spent 3 times as much time "reading carbs and sugars" on all the packaging for our newest dietary needs. I have discovered we do have way to much sugar and salt in the processed foods here in the states. I filled the cart with fresh vegetables and fruits plus low fat meats, a turkey breast and some lean pork chops with deep green salads. Now I need to get to work and work tonight on my rainbow snake image on the Kath Walker quilt. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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