Sunday, September 27, 2009

22 years later a voice from my past....reflections

Sunday afternoon... my inner solitude
a voice called out after 22 years...
an old friend who has had her loves and disappointments in her last 22 years.
We once lived together for a brief time in my small first home in Canton
and now with the help of the internet she has found me...on Facebook and I don't even participate
my "herstory" in my narrative works in quilted works
I firmly believe that art saves lives because it has saved mine quite a few times.
my simple but sacred marks convey what I often cannot put into words and then only when shared with the global community.
in our short chat we caught up a wee bit and will hopefully ease back into each others lives
reconnect and resurrect that youthful spirit we shared during our not so innocent youth
welcome home
be gentle with our hearts and live in the present moment.
Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

This afternoon you can go online for a live chat with Quilting Arts and Pokey Bolton at at 5 o'clock for those of you who may want to join in. No strings attached...just generous fun information with others who love making Art.


  1. Technology is great since it helps us reconnect to those people we misplaced for s period of time. I'm glad I found you. Maybe you can help reinspire me to reconnect with my internal creative person, that I have had put to rest. Great to talk to you Mary Helen Hinton(something)Fernandez Stewart.

  2. Here's a quick follow up since our phone call on Sunday. I went to the fabric store Sunday night and purchased some fabric to start a wall hanging for my bedroom. I am going to keep things pretty traditional to get my feet wet, but I am really excited to actually start creating again. So glad we connected. I'll keep you posted on progress and motivation.