Thursday, September 24, 2009

gentle warm rain renews my body and soul....

My day has been quiet...gentle warm rain renews my body and soul
but an alternative would not be beneficial in maintaining my center of focus to find healing...
The world goes on as I seek refuge in my bedroom
the whispers on the wind give flight and flutter colorful leaves floating on silent currents
these autumnal wings of silent angels caress me as I reach out for renewed strength.
I am aware of my heartbeat and rhythms of my breathing ... with gratitude towards my constant companions; my small canine Rosie and my loyal old, old cat Desdemona.
I find comfort with them keeping vigil over and with me.
The soft cotton quilt cuddles and envelops our bodies as we embrace the peace in my moment.
I drift in and out of sleep...did I ignore my body's signs?...did I over do?...maybe but I want to do so much more. My dreams seem to flit through about three decades I listening to the message? only time will tell.
I am up now and feel rested so I will make this moment work for me... gratitude for my moment.
I am here. Still Here. Still Here.
Imagine Peace and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

1 comment:

  1. I love the water photos....a rain drop on anything green, or a spiderweb is something that still amazes me. Maybe part of me refuses to grow up, and maybe that is why I love raindrops so much.
    It's bunny slipper time here.....hope it is for you too! And hot tea and soft wool to knit and my two parakeets peeping their little hearts out!
    Life is very good, even in dark times.