Tuesday, September 22, 2009

steady... steady.... steady...steady girl

Sort and select my doodads...iron my fragments...envision the makers hands and heart...launder and press...guidance from the invisible...the muse flies above me and wisps of fragrance and aromas fill my senses as I daydream my next move. Decisions flow like water to the seas...movement spirals out into the universe...the stitches are my anchor to my own reality. Can you see my dilemma? Do you reach out to make a connection? Dare I return the human touch? Is not this the question we all strive to answer with each new day?

I spent my day with the autumn breezes swirling around my head as I sought refuge outside my backdoor. The air is moist and humidity weighs down the renewed greenery off my deck. Silent sacred marks draw me into a trance and awe as I capture this moment in time with my camera. My vision is blurry today...maybe the injections are not working as I had hoped...but I try to save this moment for me to hold onto when the real weather changes into a white frozen tundra. As an artist I want to be able to savor and hold onto quiet moments in renewal. The rust is blooming and marking my fibers ...anticipation and trying to know when the time is right to bring the fabric inside to use as the cotton fiber piece now has its own history. Disintegration and renewal are now one in being and giving birth to a new story. Thank you Seth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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