Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes the good gal wins...YEAH!

I went to my hearing today for my parking ticket and I had gathered my receipts showing the times I was away from the downtown 3 hour limit in Newark. I quietly spoke my words and agreed to pay if I really broke a law but as it turns our I was away more than I was downtown so everything was dismissed. Thank you parking is too precious to give into the parking establishment!

I spent the afternoon searching for hand woven and hand embroidered fabrics... many worn from years of daily wear and use. I am always amazed to see how many literally throw away hand made heirlooms that previous generations created to make their home a "nest" and practical usage. I truly find inspiration in these women and their hand works without ever having the chance to meet them. They fill my mind with stories and scenarios of a kitchen from the past. I found two endearing fawns embroidered and immediately remembered the fawns my own Mother had in her kitchen windows and they now reside with my brother Michael. He evidently enjoyed having them live in his home decades after we had moved from our Upper Hunters Trace home. The textures invite you to touch and hold gently so now I will spend time to wash and attempt to remove stains but if I am not successful I will incorporate and embellish my personal narratives with my own words, lace text and photo transfers. I feel as if I am on a roll so life is good.

I will attempt to photograph a few items just because they are so beautiful. I received my Seta French fabric paints and will look forward to painting my "three generations of women" on to the Irish linen tablecloth. I usually do work with light applications of transparent colors so the weave design will hopefully still be evident. I love using these paints because I can also make sun prints with them and hopefully be brave in adding my layers and text as I go. In the corners of this now pristine table cloth has a rose design which seems like synchronicity for making this work for my Mother's memory, Rose Marie. Have a great evening! Project Runway is starting!!!! WOOHOOO! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart Today was something to crow about!

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