Monday, August 31, 2009

I wish I was in Nashville tonight...

The CMA's are on the regular TV tonight and I have to admit my grand daughters have turned me on to Taylor Swift and the words she has written speak to all if we bother to listen. I am in for the evening and plan on working into the wee hours once again. When the house is quiet and my family is all tucked in both here and their homes I can go to my sacred quiet place and lose track of time. Country music people tell our stories and Ken says he can even understand what they are singing. Enjoy !!!

Today was a kiss from the weather gods with clear blue skies and soft gentle cool breezes. Even my animals wanted to keep going in and out to be outside in the sunshine. My garden needs some human touch to prepare for the upcoming changes in climate. My deer have enjoyed the fruits and blooms of my tiny garden but they share their little fawns with us everyday and have become a member of our family. They have eaten the clematis, nibbled to the ground my newest lilies and I hope I still have some hosta roots that will reappear next Spring. The ornamental grasses have done well and dance in the wind as the daylight moves across the landscape. What a simple gift to enjoy the passing of time under the pure sunshine.

I don't but very much music these days since I lost my job last December but I had to make an exception with Rob Thomas's newest CD Cradle. The first song is called "Her Diamonds" is written about how his life has totally changed since his wife Marisole has been living with an auto immune disease. "And she say oooh...I can't take no more...her tears like diamonds on the floor...cuz I can't help her now...she's down in in...she tried her best and now she can't's hard to see them on the ground...her diamonds falling down" We often forget the care givers and the loving spouses who live in this up and down existence and there are times when the darkness can over take all hope. Rob's words about his love for his wife have always touched me and the first time I heard this song I wanted to reach out to touch his family and let them know they are not alone. Listen to the words closely and see how your heart opens up.

My rock, Mr. Ken is having trouble with gout and his sugar; for the first time I see his frailty. Somehow it is perfectly fine for me to be sick but he is my mountain, my rock who is always there to listen to me and witness my days where I have to be in bed until a new day begins. His sugar is quite high and needles scare this leaning giant so hopefully we will be able to control the ups and downs with proper nutrition. Life is so fragile and we all need to hold our loved ones close and rejoice in being. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Tears are the imagery. Yes, life is fragile, as I am also reminded this past week. Sending hugs.